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In today’s video I share my exact process to batch create multiple reels at one time! I share some super helpful tips to make creating multiple reels on one day very possible.

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When I'm not cuddling on the couch with my cat Keegan or out enjoying a glass of bubbly at our local vineyard, you'll find me typing & recording away - trying to download everything I've learned about business into free, tactical content for creatives like you!

Make yourself at home, sip a cup of coffee or bubbly & feel free to STAY a little while, CHEERS! 🥂

I’m Manali
Coach, editor & brand photographer based out of Northern VA & DC. When I'm not behind a camera or teaching about systems, you'll find me at a vineyard or cuddled with my cat Keegan on our cozy couch!
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I Want To Tune In!

In today’s video I share my exact process to batch create multiple reels at one time! I share some super helpful tips to make creating multiple reels on one day very possible.

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LizCRVA – epowell57 (1)

Today’s conversation was with Liz Hunt about body positivity! Liz is a wedding, senior portrait, and family photographer located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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I had the absolute honor of getting to capture such a special collaboration between Riley Sheehey and Sue Sartor. I had been following Riley’s work since 2013 and have always loved seeing her Washington DC prints since she’s such a talented artist that’s practically in my backyard!

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I get asked all the time how I manage my time running my wedding photography business. I’ve tried to different methods that have worked well for me over the years to manage everything behind the scenes of my business from marketing, to serving my photography clients and building out time to keep growing the business.

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Rohana Branding Collection

Today’s conversation was with Rohana Olson who I got to connect with twice during Creative At Heart Conference! We roomed together and spent so many nights chatting about all things wedding industry and life as a business owner during Round 9 and I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to keep in touch since through Instagram – it goes to show that social media can be a good thing & a way to connect even among the craziness haha

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In today’s video, I’m gonna run through how I made my custom email signature in two different places – HoneyBook and Gmail.

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5C0A5659 – heather dodge

Today’s conversation was with Heather Dodge of Heather Dodge Photography and Heather Dodge Creative. Heather has extensive experience as a web and brand designer and much of our conversation on the podcast really centered around best practices for our websites!

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Three Reasons to use Quarterly Planning in your Creative Small Business

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My project (2)

For my birthday I’m switching it up a bit and sharing some of my favorite products with you guys! Last week I shared a lot of my tech-related products that I use as well as my daily planner. You can see that blog post HERE!

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For my birthday month, I’m switching it up a bit and sharing some of my favorite products with you guys! During this video I’m sharing some essential products that I have on or around my desks. I’m sharing some great tech that I use as well as lifestyle products with you guys and I have everything linked down below:

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