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I went through the same struggles of figuring out how to quickly and confidently build my photography business... 

Maybe you're going through a similar stage - with the same thoughts that I had: 
- "How do I elevate my experience?"
- "How can I start charging more?"
- "I wish I had more time every day!! Wish I had a Time-Turner..."

As soon as I started elevating my client experience, everything in business changed. I was finding clients that I absolutely loved, charging more than ever and felt confident in my client experience! 

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Cheers, friends!

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There was no ONE thing that led to my success - but I can tell you that elevating my client experience was KEY! 

Nowadays my zone of genius looks more like equipping & encouraging creatives like you & helping you become more confident behind your business!

I'm an open book with everything I've over the past few years as a wedding & brand photographer. You can count on me to always encourage you to lean into your unique strengths because you should never have to compare your business journey to someone else's...

I'm excited to help you elevate your wedding photography business with this Booked Wedding Questionnaire!

I'm Manali, an enneagram 4w3, organized as they come... I believe in celebrating the small & big wins in biz with bubbly! 

Top: Fave food. Left, my fave accessory. Right: Do cats count as desk accessories? Keegan def does!


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