Waterford Fair Oaks Engagement Ceremony – Priyal & Yash

January 4, 2019

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Ok, so when you end up staying somewhere for a lot LATER than you were supposed to, that’s a sign of a good time!! I walked into the Waterford at Fair Oaks a little early on one of the last days of 2018 and was STUNNED!! The entire place was decorated in a gorgeous blush pink and the stage was set. There were giant paper florals in blush and white with tendrils of white flowers floating beneath it and it was INCREDIBLE!!! I should have known though, if you know Priyal, you already KNEW the place was going to be stunning, every little detail was going to be incredibly thought out and executed to a T. I’ve never gotten so many messages from friends on the DECOR of weddings I’ve been to, and I’ve been to some really nice ones!

They will be getting married in India later on but it was so fun to see how their friends and family came together (some even came FROM India) to celebrate together. And as all the family arrived, it became more and more fun! There was a CREW helping out with the audio, the videography & photos and everyone in her community really came together to help make the entire day possible. I loved how many of their friends and families came forward with singing, dancing (SO many dances!), even making their cake, helping run the event, and putting together videos of why Yash and Priyal are perfect for each other and what little quirks they’d have to watch out for in married life!

From the moment some of their friends showed up, to the time when there were over FORTY family friends dancing on stage, you can clearly tell just how dearly loved Priyal and Yash are in their communities. And I can’t think of two better families to come together and become one with Priyal and Yash at the forefront! I loved how their MC’s had everyone from Priyal’s community raise their hands and then everyone from Yash’s side to raise their hands. And at the end, she said that from now on moving forward, everyone would raise their hands for BOTH of them since they’ll be moving forward together as one. So HERE’S to the two of you! I loved capturing the day with all the fun for you guys so much!!

Venue: Waterford at Fair Oaks
Makeup: Nazmun Nahar
Hair: Makeup By Shiana

 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-02 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-03 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-04WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-01OldTownAlexandriaEngagementPhotographer-VirginiaWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0214 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-05 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-06WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-08WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-07WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-11WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-10OldTownAlexandriaEngagementPhotographer-VirginiaWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0217WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-12 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-13 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-14WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-17 OldTownAlexandriaEngagementPhotographer-VirginiaWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0216WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-18

 Photogenic family or what!
WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-21 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-22 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-23 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-24 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-25 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-26
They did a ring dance to put on their engagement rings!! LOVED this idea!

WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-28 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-29WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-35 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-30 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-31 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-32 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-33 WaterfordFairOaksWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-DCWeddingPhotographer-34

  There were so many performances and SO much fun open dancing throughout the day!


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