How To Break Down Your Business Goals To Achieve Them More Quickly

January 5, 2023

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I Want To Tune In!

SO over the last few months I’ve been toying with the idea of really going ALL IN with 1:1 coaching.

I’ve had it on my heart for YEARS and I think a part of me always knew that it was the “end game” for me in business. And I’ve started chipping away at making space for it to be possible over the last 2 years, but now it’s time.

2023 is THE year – and I’m not allowing the doubt, fear or skepticism that pops up (hello inner critic) to derail me or convince me otherwise.

One of the big blocks I’ve had though has been feeling like I didn’t have my own *signature* methodology for coaching.

I’ve been a student in a few coaching containers but didn’t have a method that I felt could call my own.

And lo and behold – it came to me last night before I could even take my sleep mask off my eyes.

It’s crazy how fast things happen once you DECIDE that they will 😉

Today I wanted to share the Signature 5-Step DREAM Method with you that I walk all of my 1:1 coaching clients through.

So – it’s actually backward and more like M – E- A – R – D but DREAM sounds much prettier haha

OK so take your biggest business goal for 2023 and walk yourself through the D.R.E.A.M. framework!

M – Mindset

Get your mind and brain on board with the goal. Are there any beliefs/stories/ideas/sneaky thoughts that say that your goal isn’t possible for you? How can you reframe or shift these thoughts that will inevitably come up (I call them gremlin thoughts lol) and try to derail your progress? Even if the NEW supportive thought feels a little bit like a lie at first – repetition over time will help you brain believe the new one. Thank you neuroscience!

A – Action Plan

Create a simple action plan that breaks down the steps you’re going to take into 15-30 minute chunks. Trust me, I’ve tried to say “write website copy” as a “step” and then been frustrated when I didn’t finish a 4 hour job in like one day. Then map out the action steps to ACTUAL days on your calendar. Keep your calendar somewhere that you can see/reference every day!

E – Execute

Ok, now you gotta like actually DO the dang thing. Get into the vibe of having already done the task and having it have been super easy! Then get after it, friend! I help my 1:1 coaching clients stay accountable every week – and work through anything that comes up that slows down their progress. And most importantly to help them give themselves grace when things get pushed back if LIFE happens!

R – Reflect & Refine

How did it go? Are there any small things to tweak once you’ve gotten your project or system pulled together? I help my 1:1 clients refine any marketing materials and reflect on the DATA they gather so they can make better decisions in their business. This is sometimes the HARDEST part of the process – to stick with a strategy, keep collecting data, and refining when it feels like the momentum is slow to show up.

D – Delegate / Done!

This part of the process involves systemizing your strategy/project so that you can move onto other projects or parts of your business. You’ll want to delegate any parts of your system to team members so they can help in the future. It’s also time to CELEBRATE a job well done and give yourself credit for moving your business forward! I see creatives miss this step so often and simply moving on to the next thing! Stopping to celebrate can help instill more self-confidence and self-trust in yourself as CEO!

So there you have it – the DREAM Framework! I’d love to know what your big goal for 2023 is and which step you think you need to focus your energy on most out of the DREAM framework to make it a reality!

If you’d like support around hitting your business goals, be sure to check out 1:1 Coaching HERE! Weekly coaching calls can help you quickly elevate your business and hit your goals with daily support so you grow with confidence & support at each step.




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