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Stone Tower Winery Wedding Photography Spots

July 11, 2019

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If you’ve been around for a while it comes as no surprise to you that I absolutely LOVE getting to photograph weddings & proposals Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia. From being out to the winery so many times, I’ve definitely come to appreciate certain spaces at the winery that I absolutely LOVE and look incredible in pictures!

Bridal suite / grooms getting ready cottage

The bridal suite is on the top floor of the winery and is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL and spacious area to get ready with your girls on the day of your wedding! There’s comfy couches, a smaller room to pull your dress on, a kitchen to house champagne/snacks/water/lunch, and plenty of natural light that will make your getting ready photos ones that you’ll absolutely LOVE and cherish forever!

The guys get a whole cottage to themselves which similarly has a large bedroom with a full size mirror which is perfect for getting that tie on, a kitchen for grubbing on some snacks and catching up on the latest football game going on, and an outdoor area to have beautiful pictures taken as well of him and all his best guys hanging out. There’s additionally some space out front that is super fun on beautiful days to kick back and relax before the wedding festivities start.

CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-006 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-007 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-008 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-009 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-010 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-011 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-012 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-013

Wine cellar doors outside

This is one of my FAVORITE spots for portraits! Because of the hill it’s most always shaded giving us clean light to work with and the winery feel! It’s such a classic location and I love that your white dress, his tux and your florals really pop from the background!


Patios at sunset

I love photographing both at the upstairs and downstairs patios! The upstairs definitely lends itself to some cute candid shots of you and your husband or fiancé sipping on some wine and enjoying yourself overlooking beautiful views of the pond, the mountains and the vineyards!

The downstairs patio is my absolute FAVORITE at sunset and looks so magical especially with the string lights up top! This is a cute place to sneak out to for a quick night portrait on your wedding day as well!

CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-017 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-018CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-003 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-004CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-005

Barrel room/tank room

This definitely makes for some iconic black and white shots and is super fun to play around with composition! See Surabhi & Anish’s blog post for some inspiration!

CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-019 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-020CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-002

In the vines

Last but not least, the vines are BEAUTIFUL when they’re in bloom!! I have yet to be able to photograph in the vines just based off of the season that I’ve been photographing there but you can really grab some BEAUTIFUL shots up at the top of the mountain overlooking the entire vineyard!

CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-015 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KeswickVineyardWeddingPhotographer-StoneTowerWineryWedding-StoneTowerWineryWeddingPhotography-StoneTowerWineryPhotography-ManaliPhotography-016

Wedding photos taken while second shooting for Vanessa Smith Photography

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