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    Glitter & Gold Evergreen Country Club Wedding

    July 8, 2018

    I’m Manali
    Business coach, editor & brand photographer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. When I'm teaching about systems or editing, you'll find me at a vineyard or cuddled with my cat Keegan on our cozy couch!
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    I’ve tried to write this blog post about three times now. Words usually come fairy quickly, but the more a post means to me, the longer it always takes to write. Almost exactly three years ago I sat patiently outside of Pitango Gelato, waiting with a coffee in hand. Reading hundreds of blog posts and admiring the work of those I’d never met was easy, but meeting a wedding photographer in person? It was terrifying and intriguing all at once! When Vanessa came up to me, she met me with a big hug and so much excitement, no matter this was the first time I was meeting her in person after exchanging a couple of emails back and forth. She was the kind of friendly that was so incredibly genuine and I was immediately drawn to it.

    This was the first time meeting someone who photographed weddings in real life, as their job and I had million and one questions to ask about everything!! I had SO many questions that I had written them down so that I wouldn’t forget to ask them. One hour went by and then another hour went by and Vanessa answered every. single. one. And she wanted to know everything about how I had gotten into photography and why it was that I loved it. That was the first day I really LEARNED about wedding photography and then I learned even more when she somehow took a chance on me and let me come along as her second photographer for a wedding at the Kimpton Hotel in Alexandria later that summer. And what was the most impressive to me, photographing  my first wedding, wasn’t just how MUCH you have to think and take care of as a photographer on a wedding day, although there is A LOT! The thing that stood out to me was not so much WHAT Vanessa did so much as HOW she did. The compassion, patience, grace, quiet confidence and artistry that Vanessa approached every single second of the wedding day with was the most inspiring.

    It’s been three years since that summer and it’s safe to say that I’ve learned a LOT from photographing weddings with so many other photographers over that time. But each time that I get to photograph a wedding day with Vanessa, I’m always left with a reminder of how much your character can positively impact a couple’s wedding day as not only a photographer, but more importantly, as a friend or guest! Each time, I’m more and more honored to be able to photograph weddings along Vanessa. And this last one blew me away. It was most definitely such an emotional day as weddings always are, but even more so knowing this would probably be the last time I would have the incredible opportunity to photograph a wedding day with Vanessa who introduced me to wedding photography. I would literally not be anywhere without her giving me a chance three years ago and I am so grateful and thankful!! Vanessa, I know you already LOVE being back in Texas and the wedding industry is so lucky to have you again! Her blog post of this incredible day

    Thank you for having me along for each and every wedding including Ashleigh & Eric’s wedding day which was nothing short of perfect 🙂 Vanessa’s blog post of the day is here! Now, let me tell you about Ashleigh & Eric’s wedding at Evergreen Country Club!!! IT. WAS. STUNNING. Every single detail was SO on point!!! From the bridesmaids dresses, to the bouquets, to Ashleigh’s dress (INCREDIBLE!!), to the Badgley Mischka shoes (you knew I was going to throw that in here!!), to every. single. part. of the reception!!! When you stepped through every room, each blush and glitter detail was so well done and cohesive. The entire wedding was so, so classy and put together, it was quite literally style goals! To say impressed would be a huge understatement because Ashleigh had dreamed and designed up every single little detail by herself. And when it’s so easy to get caught up in all the little things especially when designing your own wedding without the help of a planner, all that mattered to Ashleigh & Eric on their wedding day was each other. You could see how much they loved each from how they looked at each other. Throughout their first look undeterred by the soft rain that started to fall, during their portraits, how Eric lost it when he saw his bride coming down the aisle to him, during toasts when the guests were watching the speakers but they would look at each other, and their first dance together as a married couple. It’s easy to see that these two are simply meant to be!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-009 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-010
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-013 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-011
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-016EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-015    ALL the sweetest first looks!!EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-020 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-021  EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-023
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-003EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-002EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-005EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-001 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-006 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-007 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-008 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-024

    AHHH the anticipation of first looks, so sweet 🙂EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-026 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-027 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-028 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-029 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-030
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-039EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-031 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-038EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-036
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-064 LOVEEE these portraits out on the white porch!!EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-042 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-043EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-040

    Okkkk bridesmaids & bouquets ON POINT!!!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-045 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-046

    So so so stunning!!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-049 bouquet-001EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-048 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-051EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-050EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-053 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-054 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-055EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-057EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-059
    Ashleigh looking like a STUNNER and the happiest bride walking down the aisle!!!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-086 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-090EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-092

    And they’re finally married!!!!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-068 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-069 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-070 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-071 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-072

    I know there’s so many pictures of the cake but I was OBSESSED!!! With ALL of their reception decor!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-094EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-073 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-074 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-075 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-081EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-079EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-078EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-080
    I can’t believe Ashleigh planned this all out BY HERSELF!! So incredibly impressed!

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-098EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-097 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-099 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-100 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-101 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-102

    AWWWW I’m such a sucker for first dances!!! :’)

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-103 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-104 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-105 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-106 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-107 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-108EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-110 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-109 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-111  EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-115
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-118EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-117EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-116 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-119 And the night continued with even more speeches and fun 😀

    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-120 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-121
    EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-124 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-122 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-125 EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-126EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-128EvergreenCountryClubWedding-GlitterGoldBlush-VAPhotographer-131


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