Bristow Manor Vintage Travel Themed Wedding

June 26, 2018

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I Want To Tune In!


Back in January I met Heather and Doug initially over Skype since these two live across the country in San Francisco! When we started talking it felt like an immediate connection and I felt myself hoping that they would book me for their wedding! When they did I was super happy and kept looking forward to their wedding day in June! The morning of the wedding, I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous! It would be my first time at Bristow Manor, my first time meeting them in real life and there was a very high chance of rain to throw into the mix. But from the second I started photographing Heather’s details the nerves and anxiety all melted away. And then the nerves turned into SO MUCH LAUGHING when Heather, her mom and her matrons of honor came into the room!! They were giggling, laughing and cracking inside jokes (that were still hilarious on the outside) and made me feel like a part of their crew!! I loved getting to see not only how close Heather was with her girls, but especially so with her mother and that was so apparent throughout the rest of the day as well. Amidst the craziness of everything that happens on a wedding day, these two were side by side, sharing everything that happened from walking down the aisle to sitting next to each other for the mother son dance at the reception. It was so sweet to witness and you could tell how incredibly proud Heather’s mom was to see her daughter finally marry the man of her dreams after putting in so much work to help her daughter’s cross country wedding come to life.

Of the whole wedding day though, Heather and Doug’s first look stood out most to me. Doug stood patiently waiting for his bride to come to him and immediately heard her as she was walking towards him. She called out his name to turn around and Doug did not do what I’ve seen most guys do, he didn’t just simply turn around, he quite literally JUMPED around to be able to see his bride in her wedding gown for the first time!! They hugged, they joked, they laughed, they kissed and were just their true selves and you could tell how happy they were to be together on their wedding day!! They both even commented about how happy they were that they were able to share a first look together which just made ME super happy as well that they had trusted me that they would love it! And you guys are going to be able to tell why from their portraits, these two are just meant to be around each other!! The whole day everyone kept noting how at ease they were together taking their portraits, laughing and talking to each other 😍 ESPECIALLY when we took a break for much needed apps in between hahaha

Their whole wedding day was so filled with joy and it was an honor to be a part of! Heather and Doug, you didn’t let the pouring rain dampen your fun and adventurous souls one bit!! It’s no miracle you guys are high school sweethearts, its so apparent in how much perfect you guys are together! You seem to bring out the absolute best versions of each other!! You were SO MUCH FUN!! to work with and I’m so glad you guys trusted me to capture your day (from the first look to carrying your bouquet, wasp included, and stepping out of your reception for sunset portraits!) Have fun on your honeymoon traveling all around Scandinavia, may it be only the first of your great adventures as a MARRIED COUPLE!!!!

Also, there’s no such thing as too many pictures of these two, so don’t laugh at my attempt to narrow these down, there’s quite a lot!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-012BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-017 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-018 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-019 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-020 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-021 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-024


This seen above is the Heather laugh!!


Going to her FIRST LOOK!!!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-061BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-063 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-064 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-065 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-066   Look at how gorgeous her hair piece is!! Pin Curls Hair Artistry did an amazing job!!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-073 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-074
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-077 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-075

Of course, an apps break was included hahaha 😀


Not going to lie, we took a ton of portraits inside Bristow Manor because of the heat & humidity, but I LOVED how these came out!!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-072BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-069 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-070 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-071BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-102BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-097 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-112

Again, OBSESSED with her hair!!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-115 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-116 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-123
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-131 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-125
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-129 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-127
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-135 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-136 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-141
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-132 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-139 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-140BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-153BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-152BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-156
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-158 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-157

All the sweetest moments!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-160 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-161 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-162 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-165 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-166

Mom telling them to take good care of each other made me tear up

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-167 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-168 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-170 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-171 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-172
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-176BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-175  BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-179

I loved their travel themed reception! And of course the fact that they had donuts hahaha 🙂

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-181BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-186 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-182 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-183 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-184 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-185 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-190 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-192 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-194 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-195

Their reception entrances were EPIC!!!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-196 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-198 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-199
BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-203 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-201 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-204

And then their sunset portraits were such a fresh breath of air away from the crowd!

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-213BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-211 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-212

Their toasts were equally fun and sad

BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-216 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-217 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-218 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-219 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-220 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-221 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-222 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-224 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-225 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-226 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-228 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-229 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-231 BristowManorSummerFloralSucculentWedding-232

All the reception fun!!


Vendors that helped bring this day to life!

Event Coordinator Bettina for Bristow Manor
Florals & Bouquet by Flowers With Passion
Hannah of River & Root Ceremonies
Hair by Pin Curls Hair Artistry
Makeup by Natalie Harris Makeup Artistry
Donuts by Sugar Shack Fredericksburg
Music & Lighting by Randy Bower
Second Photographer Brooke Silvermann
Assistant Sachi Koulgi

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