Best of 2018 Weddings!

January 9, 2019

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WHAT. A. YEAR! It was so fun going back through the archives of photos I have from weddings this past year! I was lucky enough to second shoot with Vanessa Smith Photography, Hannah Smith Photography and Hope Taylor Photography along with taking weddings of my own this year 🙂 I loved working with these ladies as well as my 2018 couples to capture memories to last a lifetime! Every year, I go through and pick out some of my ALL TIME favorite pictures from the year and I love putting them together in a blog post, sharing them and also taking the time to look back at my recaps from previous years to see how I’ve grown! Here’s links to last year’s Best of 2017 Seniors (Part One & Part Two) as well as Best of 2017 Weddings! I’m hoping to add in a behind the scenes post this year (because those are always super fun and SUPER flattering hahaha) so I’ll try my best to capture & collect those as well in 2019. Someone hold me to it! Also this is a LONG one so for all you awesome people that actually scroll through to the bottom of it, virtual fist bump from me!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0001 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0002 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0003 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0004 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0005DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0008 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0006 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0007 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0009 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0010 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0011 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0012DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0013

These were taken while second shooting withVanessa Smith Photography! And the ones below were from an amazing styled shoot at the Capitol! A huge shoutout to the vendor team that made this one possible! Planning by Angelica & Co Weddings, Florals by Eight Tree Street Floral, Dress/Suit/Accessories by Posh Bridal MD, Calligraphy by Third Clover Paper, Cake by Ayana Fews 

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0014 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0015 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0016 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0017 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0018 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0019 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0020 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0021 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0022 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0023 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0024

The ones taken below were while second shooting with Vanessa Smith Photography!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0026DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0027 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0025DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0035DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0030 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0028 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0029  DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0031DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0033 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0032 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0034

The ones taken below were while second shooting with Hannah Smith Photography!
DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0036DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0039 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0037 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0038 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0040 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0041 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0042 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0043 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0044 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0045 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0046 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0047

Heather & Doug‘s wedding at Bristow Manor was one of the most JOY filled days!! Rain couldn’t keep them from having the time of their lives on their big day!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0049 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0048 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0050 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0051 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0052 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0053

If you can’t tell, these were some of my FAVORITES from the year! Heather & her friends had absolutely SO much fun getting ready for the big day!


SO many favorites from Jill & Nelson‘s wedding!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0056 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0055DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0058 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0057DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0060 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0059DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0068 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0061

Favorite moment of 2018?! Hahaha just kidding but definitely the best wedding day surprise during bridal party portraits!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0063 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0062 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0064 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0065 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0066 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0067 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0069 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0071DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0073

AND favorite reception moment! All in one wedding haha!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0074 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0075

And last but not least, the only two people I’d give up YAR for, Adam & Suniah!!

DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0084DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0081DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0082 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0076 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0077DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0078 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0079 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0083DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0080 DCWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-_0085

Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity to capture all the meaningful and joyful moments of 2018! I am sitting here getting ENTIRELY too excited for what the 2019 wedding season has in store 🙂

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