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MP Charlottesville Branding Photography Sessions

June 22, 2021

Capturing the Heart, Soul & Impact Behind Female-owned Service-Based Small Businesses

This past year I made the decision to start formally offer branding sessions! Looking back it seems like such an obvious decision given that I’ve been photographing female-owned creative small business owners here and there throughout the years.

I’ve always enjoyed being able to flex my creative muscles a little more during those shoots since they were different than portraits & weddings. Although each portrait & wedding day is so incredibly unique, I approach each day pretty systematically to make sure I’m not missing any important detail or moment! With branding shoots I love that I get to bring more of my strategic AND creative brain to the mix. Each shoot is incredibly unique in that there is not set shot list – there’s more digging into the heart, soul & impact of their brand and using my creative brain & photography to visually convey that to connect with their dream clients! So these ladies can get back to doing what they do best & serving their clients and putting the very best face of their business forward!

I wanted to give a huge shout out to Jontell Vanessa Photography – Jontell’s my sounding board for pretty much everything I do in my business and she has been seriously KILLING the game in doing brand sessions over the last year and a half. It’s been such a joy watching her create an incredibly unique experience for her branding clients. When I first toyed with the idea of stepping into branding I was worried that she’d view it as taking over “her” thing but in true #communityovercompetition fashion she welcome me into the world of brand photography & I’m so grateful to have her as the ultimate sounding board to be able to best serve my clients!

Check out this branding session with Jontell Vanessa Photography!

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Abby Grace Photography – I’ve been following along with her work since pretty much right when I started my photography business and it’s been beautiful to watch her breathe so much life into this new type of photography within our industry! She’s been such an advocate for it and getting to learn from the years of work she’s put into scaling her branding sessions has been immensely helpful in taking the plunge confidently & translating all of her education into feeling equipped to serve my clients SUPER well – even if I am a little “newer” to the game!

I always write a lot here but here’s a little sneak peek behind what the Branding Experience entails!

The MP Branding Mission Statement

A personalized brand photography experience that digs deep to understand the core of your brand to capture a curated gallery of elevated imagery to showcase the heart behind your work

An Overview of the Process

1. Let’s Get to Know You & Your Brand!

We’ll chat about your business & brand over Zoom so I can get to know you, your brand & what you want out of your brand imagery in more detail! Then we’ll determine the best collection for you & nail down a shoot date!

2. Digging Into the Heart of Your Brand

After you’re booked, you’ll have an extensive questionnaire & Pinterest board to fill out so that I can really dig deep & understand the heart, vision and details behind your business.

3. Shoot Planning Prep!

We’ll work to narrow down our shoot location, choose outfits (I’ll guide you through it) and chat over another video call to confirm the direction of your shoot! I’ll present you with a couple of main storylines over another prep video call that we’ll work off of to build out your brand imagery with a detailed shot list so we can maximize our shoot time.

Check out 16 Locations to Consider for Your Brand Session!

4. Get Excited – It’s the Week of Your Shoot!

The week of the shoot I send over a packing list for you to bring everything we need to make our shoot as authentic to you & your brand as possible!

5. Shoot Day!

We’ll plan to arrive early to scout out the locations & get everything you need set up so we can start shooting! I’ll work through our detailed shot list & mood board. I’ll be your eyes to make sure that all the little details are in place so you don’t have to worry about anything other than having fun throughout the entire process! From posing to helping set up the shot to making sure everything is in it’s place – I’ve got you!!

6. Pop the bubbly & celebrate ALL the new images!

You’ll receive some sneak peeks within 1 week of your shoot to share anywhere & everywhere 🙂 And then 3 weeks later you can POP the bubbly!! Your final gallery will be delivered so get ready to spend some time updating your website, social & any other collateral that you have with your cohesive set of brand imagery!!

You’ll forever have all of the online high-resolution images delivered through PASS gallery. I’ll reach out shortly after to get your feedback on the shoot & hear about how you’re using your images to build up your business’ brand identity!


Be sure to reach out to schedule a consult call or learn more HERE so we can talk through the hopes & dreams you have for your brand!

Each session includes a prep questionnaire, two planning calls, help choosing locations & outfits, a week-of packing list, 2+ hours of shooting time & an online gallery with digital high-resolution images! I take core of creating our shot list, posing you & prepping you for an incredible experience!

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