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Jontell Vanessa Photography Virginia Branding Session

April 12, 2021

Jontell is one of my very best friends and I’m so grateful to have met her and connected with her over Pigeon Hole brunch at UVA and our love of photography! Jontell actually dove into becoming a branding photographer over a year ago and it has been INCREDIBLE watching her flourish and work with so many incredible entrepreneurs over the last year! She had a video done for her website and asked me to come take some behind-the-scenes pictures and a quick few updated pictures of her while she had her branded setup within the space. I never got a chance to share these last year before the pandemic hit but as I was launching branding photography myself it was so fun going back through these! Jontell, thank you for being my go-to on all things photography and especially with diving into branding photography myself!

If you’re looking to elevate your brand imagery and connect with your dream clients this season, be sure to check out the Branding Photography Experience!

DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0051 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0052 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0053 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0054 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0055 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0056 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0057 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0058 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0059DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0062 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0060 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0061DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0063 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0064 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0065

We got a lot of variety quickly with her outfits & different spaces! These were all taken within 30 minutes!

DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0066 DCWeddingPhotographer-NationalArboretumWedding-ManaliPhotography-_0067

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