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16 Locations to Consider for Your Virginia Brand Shoot

May 25, 2021


Today I’m dropping in with one of my first ever branding photography-related blog posts! Brand photography is so important for small business owners to be able to visually and instantly showcase the heart of your brand with your dream clients! And your location plays a huge part in visually connecting with your audience and showcasing you in your element – EVEN if you choose to use a location that’s not truly your actual home for your shoot!

Here are 3 basic things to consider while choosing a brand shoot location:

Natural window lighting

You want to make sure that your location has a ton of natural lighting! This can really help elevate your images! The best way to make sure that you have enough natural light is to consider your shoot time and to make sure you have plenty of windows throughout your space to let in natural light!

Multiple corners

You want to make sure that not only do you have enough natural light but enough different corners / areas of the room to be able to shoot in so that you can get a TON of variety in a short amount of time!


Is your location on-brand or your business? Does the decor, color and accents match the overall vibe of your brand? If not, it could be worth looking into another location that will be able to help visually convey what your brand is all about!

If you’re on the lookout for locations for your brand shoot, here is a list of 16 places to consider especially if you’re having your brand shoot done within Virginia!

  1. Cloud Studio – Fredericksburg VA
  2. Maryland Creative Collective
  3. Quirk Hotel – Charlottesville VA
  4. Make It Home Staging – Barboursville VA
  5. MileStone Studios – Ashland VA
  6. Peerspace
  7. VRBO
  8. AirBnb
  9. A friend’s home
  10. Local venues
  11. Local hotel that matches your brand
  12. Sonder
  13. Vault Virginia
  14. A local model apartment / townhome
  15. Wool Factory – Charlottesville VA
  16. Ironclad Coffee Roasters – Richmond VA

If you’re looking to have branding images taken for your creative small business, be sure to check out the Branding Experience – I’d love to work with you!

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