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Keswick Vineyards – Charlottesville Wedding Venues

September 12, 2019

Keswick Vineyards – Charlottesville Wedding Venues


Ok what a GEM of a place Keswick Vineyards is, nestled about 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville in the Keswick area! This beautiful house is owned by the Schornberg family and I was so fortunate to meet Brian when he was the videographer for Tatiana & Ky’s wedding over at Avon Hill Lodge! I was so lucky to get a little tour of the place while I was out visiting Charlottesville last month and can’t wait to be back in 2020 for photographing a wedding there hopefully!

One of the things that stuck out to me while I was visiting was hearing Brian talk about how flexible him and his mom Cindy who both run the weddings side of things are with their brides and the layout of the wedding day! Just last month they actually cleared out a little space to host a brides’ ceremony in a new spot near the woods which was something they hadn’t done before! There are so many ceremony options here with being right in front of the vineyards, in front of the fountain (which is GORGEOUS!) in front of the house, by the woods, and even down by the pond at the front of the property! In case of rain, the ceremony gets relocated to the tent but Brian mentioned how flexible they are in waiting out any storms which is KEY if you know Virginia weather!

There are so many cute portrait spots! I can see taking bridal party portraits by the steps by the pool, bride & groom sunset portraits out front with the vineyards, a definite shot out front by the fountain and in front of the house, underneath the fence with all the hydrangeas, the list goes on! This is the PERFECT spot for any couples that prioritize natural light & having their wedding take place outside as they have a beautiful reception space with a large white tent to host the perfect outdoor reception. The venue caps out at about 50 weddings a year to be able to provide their brides & grooms the perfect experience so if you love what you see below, make sure to contact them sooner rather than later!

KeswickVineyards-001 KeswickVineyards-033 KeswickVineyards-032 KeswickVineyards-031 KeswickVineyards-030 KeswickVineyards-029KeswickVineyards-027KeswickVineyards-026 KeswickVineyards-025 KeswickVineyards-024 KeswickVineyards-022 KeswickVineyards-021 KeswickVineyards-020 KeswickVineyards-019 KeswickVineyards-017  KeswickVineyards-015KeswickVineyards-014 KeswickVineyards-013 KeswickVineyards-012KeswickVineyards-016 KeswickVineyards-011 KeswickVineyards-010 KeswickVineyards-009 KeswickVineyards-008 KeswickVineyards-007 KeswickVineyards-006 KeswickVineyards-005 KeswickVineyards-004

SO many beautiful spots! Imagine portraits with these hydrangeas!

KeswickVineyards-003 KeswickVineyards-002

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