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King Family Vineyards Charlottesville Wedding Venue

September 3, 2019


Having gone to UVA I’ve made it out to several of the wineries in the Charlottesville area so I knew just how beautiful King Family Vineyards was! I had been twice, once with friends for wine and once with Naveen, when there was actually a wedding taking place! I remember just thinking and dreaming of photographing a wedding there, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains! So I knew I wanted to go out there and meet their coordinator and events team while I was in Charlottesville!

King Family Vineyards is definitely a BEAUTIFUL Charlottesville wedding venue especially for couples looking for mountain views  for their wedding day! The venue is very large and can host a ton of your friends and family! They have ample space for both their brides and grooms to get ready in with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Most ceremonies will take place outside but the indoor space with the fireplace is beautiful in case of rain as well! The side of the events space is perfect for cocktail hour to sip on some drinks and soak in the views as the sun sets.

There are SO many beautiful spots for portraits like out front with the barn doors, in the back with the mountains in the background, in the vines that are towards the front of the venue, and of course with the hydrangeas! Some beautiful color palettes at King Family Vineyards are dusty pinks, dusty and light blues to pop against the mountains or really white & cream focused color palettes! Here’s a little tour of the venue, I hope it helps to imagine what a wedding day here would look like!

CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-003CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-015 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-017 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-014 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-013 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-012 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-011 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-010 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-009 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-007 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-005 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-004KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-085 KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-089 KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-090 KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-092 KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-094 KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-095

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