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Charlottesvile Wedding Venue Castle Hill Cider

August 20, 2019

Castle Hill Cider – Charlottesville Wedding Venue

Having gone to UVA I’ve made it out to several of the wineries in the Charlottesville area as well as Bold Rock in Nellysford. I’d heard about Castle Hill Cider from a couple of friends but had never visited myself. I decided to extend my stay in Charlottesville this week so I could tour some of the wedding venues in the area that I’ve always wanted to see and potentially work at in the future!

I absolutely loved Castle Hill Cider for a couple of reasons! It’s about 30 minutes outside of Charlottesville proper and it’s such a beautiful drive past a lot of family owned farms. The Castle Hill Cider property itself is expansive with rolling hills and a lake but great for hosting a wedding since all of their venue spaces are centralized! They have a beautiful white and black barn with a wide space for their indoor receptions. They currently hold most of their ceremonies outside on the lawn with the arch being right in between four trees which looks beautiful!

They are also creating a path to lead down from the barn doors, down the hills so that they can hold ceremonies with their little lake in the back as well which is generally where they’ll host cocktail hour while the family, bridal party and bride & groom are out taking their pictures in front of the mountain views where the sun sets!

One of the most unique things about their space is that in case of any inclement weather, they host their ceremonies in the upstairs loft which has plenty of room for seating and two barn doors that can open up to let in fresh air and light!

The bridal suite is also located at the top of the barn with a balcony that overlooks the property. There’s a TON of natural light which is super key for getting ready spaces and so much space for the girls to hang out, have the last bit of hair and makeup touches done and sip on champagne before the ceremony! Castle Hill will allow its brides and grooms to have the entire property to themselves during weddings and they open up the bridal suite to its guests first thing in the morning which is super convenient so you can get ready and have your ceremony all in the same space and save time traveling back and forth for a stress free wedding day!

If you’re thinking of getting married in Charlottesville, I’d highly recommend Castle Hill! They have the capacity to seat 300 guests but also can tailor their weddings for 100 guests to feel intimate. Laura, the Events Director, is so nice, knows the property in and out and is very laid back and ready to help her brides and grooms customize their wedding experience at Castle Hill!

CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-021 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-022 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-023 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-024 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-025 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-026 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-027 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-028 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-029 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-030 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-031 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-032 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-033 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-034 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-035 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-036 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-037 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-038 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-039 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-040 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-041 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-042

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