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My brother Sohum and I are only two years apart so when he joined me at college at UVA it felt natural and like we were both just in the next phase of life. From growing up asking if we’re twins or if he’s older than I am, to his maturity as well, I’ve always […]

September 8, 2018


My brother Sohum and I are only two years apart so when he joined me at college at UVA it felt natural and like we were both just in the next phase of life. From growing up asking if we’re twins or if he’s older than I am, to his maturity as well, I’ve always felt really close in age to him along with being just close in general!

However, I have a ton of friends who have much younger siblings that I’ve watched grow up from a really young age. From watching them waddle around in diapers, to playing in homemade forts, to running around our cul de sacs every evening in the summer, it’s surreal watching these kiddos start senior year, wear their graduation cap and gowns and travel across the state and even COUNTRY to go to college!! That’s when all the FEELS start to hit!!

I’ve known Namrata since I was probably 4 or 5 years old! I grew up playing with her, her older sister Krittika, my brother, my best friend Sachi and her younger Dhruv in everyone’s backyards. Thinking back, I don’t really know how one adult handled the whole lot of us! They were some of my first friends when my family moved to Virginia so many years ago. Over the years I’ve seen her grow from the youngest and somewhat quietest of the group, to the most beautiful, HILARIOUS yet laid back and calming presence. Also, if you can’t tell from the pictures, this girl has got the BEST sense of style!! I’m so glad she let me take her senior year pictures!!

The session was a whirlwind with a thunder cloud coming out of nowhere and almost losing Krittika’s phone and then at one point, Krittika herself, without a phone! But through the whole session Namrata was so laid back and trusting! She was worried about looking natural in front of the camera but I took pictures of her for TWO minutes and she was perfect, a total NATURAL in front of the camera!! We got the most amazing glow right at the beginning of her session! And although I loved taking her pictures, my favorite part was getting dinner with Namratta and Krittika afterwards! I suggested we go to one of my favorite restaurants in Georgetown, Pizza Paradiso, and they treated me to it before I even realized!! This was already on TOP of the caramel latte they had gotten me from Baked & Wired (if you think they know the way to my heart, well they really do!). Thank you guys SOO much!! So despite the running around Georgetown (with Namrata in admirable booties), it was such a perfect summer evening and I wish I could do it over and over again 🙂




GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0001 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0002 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0003 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0004 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0005 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0006 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0007 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0008 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0011 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0012GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0014 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0013GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0015 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0016GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0019 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0017 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0018 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0020 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0021 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0022GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0024 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0023GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0029GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0026 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0027GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0030GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0025   GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0028 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0031 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0032 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0033 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0034 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0035 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0036 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0037 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0038


GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0040 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0039 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0041 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0046 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0043 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0044 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0045  GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0047 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0048GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0050 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0049

How cute is this?!


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September 8, 2018


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