Are you ready to go from overwhelmed to running a
profitable business with time
back for what matters most?

Helping photographers feel calm, confident behind their business with time-saving & actionable systems and workflows

1:1 Personalized Coaching for Growing Photographers


I specialize in helping you feel confident behind your business & your camera 

Let me guess - photography is something you’ve been crazy passionate about for years, right? And now as your business has grown, between shooting weddings and senior portraits, school work, volunteering, spending quality time with your friends and family, you’ve been, uhhh... BUSY, to say the least. I understand how tough it is growing your biz!

But I promise you friend, the hard work is going to continue to be SO well worth it. Around these parts, I wholeheartedly believe that: 

Your time is your most valuable asset, in business and in life

You CAN make your full-time passion your full-time reality

You deserve to feel confident in your business, and never compare your journey to someone else’s

Celebrating along the way is the way to go - treat yourself to the bubbly!

Friend, I promise you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or pull all-nighters to grow a successful photography business. All you need are streamlined systems, templates, and support from someone who’s already done the work for you. 

And you don't have to look too far - because I gotchu!


And you're tired of trying to piece everything together on your own

You need help figuring out what actually works best for YOU, not a band-aid business strategy... 

So you can stop spinning your wheels to pull in reliable income and profit from your photography business!

You need a blueprint and cohesive strategy that keeps ideal clients coming to your door & signing the dotted line without hustling around the clock.

You want to be as confident as CEO as you are behind your camera! 

if this sounds like you

you're in the right place

Learning all the things you need to grow your photography biz through freebies from Pinterest, blog posts, Instagram & Youtube...



You're in the right place if you're tired of spending hours implementing strategy A from this creative over here and strategy B from another one over there and not seeing the growth you desire in your photography business. Let's change that together!

We'll work together to craft a strategic & solid system for one of these areas:
- Posing, photographing & editing your sessions consistently 
- Marketing your business to your ideal clients to keep you booked
- A seamless client experience that delights your clients & brings in referrals
- Cohesive website & brand design that attracts your dream clients

Customized Mentoring Sessions to Answer All the
Questions Floating in your Head



Let's Custom-Build Your Business Strategy & Grow Your Confidence

This is For You If:

You're looking to make your photography side-hustle a profitable and reliable source of income

You want to systemize your business to give you more time back to focus on what matters most 

You want to go from overwhelmed and unsure of your business strategy to confident bringing in ideal clients without doing all the things all the time!

You're looking for an outside perspective on your business to see what you can tweak to improve and see the growth you've been looking for

You want to build a consistent client experience, backend workflow or marketing strategy that feels sustainable and keeps you booked throughout the year!

helping you gain more clarity on how to run your business confidently without getting overwhelmed


I feel a lot more confident about the path I want to take in my photography business after a mentoring session with Manali. I love how she helped me gain more clarity about how I should go about marketing my business without getting overwhelmed. 


"Manali not only shares how she goes about doing things in her business but helps you create a customized plan on how you can tackle things in your own way!"


"Manali not only shares how she goes about doing things in her business but helps you create a customized plan on how you can tackle things in your own way!"

Each mentoring session includes the following:
Before we meet to make sure your session is custom-tailored to your specific business! No generic templates or advice here.

This blueprint has easily implementable action steps to solve your biggest pain points. I'll walk you through the blueprint during the mentoring session so we can help you put a system in place right then & there that works for your business & is easy to follow and measure results from!

One-on-one time to dive deeper into your pain point and get some advice on implementing your blueprint. We'll figure out what works best for you so you can see how the blueprint works from top to bottom within your own business.

Time blocked out within your session where no question is too small or off limits! This can pertain to your main blueprint or any other questions that you want answered!

Let's intentionally grow each part of your business! This guide touches on each mentoring topic. It includes my shooting & editing workflow, designing an incredible client experience, organizing the backend of business, & crafting a beautiful brand that converts! 

I love getting to work with my alums over and over again! As a mentoring alum, you'll have access to other educational resources for a discounted price.




She answered all of my questions from shooting in low light, dance photography, engagement/ wedding to the client aspect of the business. Her willingness to teach is something you can’t seek out easily so get on her schedule while you can.


"Manali not only shares how she goes about doing things in her business but helps you create a customized plan on how you can tackle things in your own way!"


"Manali not only shares how she goes about doing things in her business but helps you create a customized plan on how you can tackle things in your own way!"

having the confidence in your business strategy to grow your bottom line WITHOUT spending hours of throwing spaghetti at the wall & doubting yourself 

But You Might Be Thinking...

"Is it worth the investment?"

I know how difficult it can be to figure out where to initially invest in your business. Especially when you're trying to build up your gear and build a website & ALL the other things!

However, I do believe that mentoring sessions have a HUGE return on investment. Learning and implementing strategies will help you bring in more clients & more money than the initial invest for mentoring is worth!

“I don’t have the time right now”

A little secret? You'll never feel like it's the perfect time!

And think about how much time you'll gain back to spend with your family & friends or other parts of your business! DIY-ing everything takes up a LOT more time & energy than being confident in your work. 

Investing up front will pay off dividends in the long run, I promise you!

"I can figure this out on my own"

There is a time and place for DIY-ing and it'll get you started for sure!

But after a while, it's a LOT of time spent trying out different strategies that don't work together and is exhausting for you.

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to point out what you're doing REALLY well and where you could tweak things to be easier and more effective! 

from hustling around the clock to confident in your business decisions to book ideal clients & serve them well 

Finally feeling confident in your business strategy 

Providing your clients with an intentional experience that has them referring you to their friends years down the road!

A practical & actionable blueprint to help you take action on intentional strategies that will grow your business and bring in more in your bottom line

With clarity and a renewed motivation to keep building the business of your dreams in a way that works well for YOU and not just based off of what other people in the industry are doing!

You'll Walk Away 


Email templates & a questionnaire to help you and your clients prep well for a portrait session or a wedding day
Help choosing the right portraits and getting a lot of variety out of 1-2 locations 
A breakdown of my super simple posing system that your clients will LOVE and will help you ditch pulling out a Pinterest board during their shoot
My entire editing and gallery delivery workflow to wow your clients with your quick turnaround time 
Help with nailing your camera systems confidently no matter the lighting
My simple OCF setup if you want your reception images to match your natural light images well

1. Session Prep, Posing, Shooting, Editing

Figuring out which marketing channels to focus your precious time and energy on
A marketing map so you can figure out what to post when! We'll map out 3 months together so you're set for a while. This template makes it super easy to draft up future months as well!
We'll work marketing in to your workflow so it works well for you
Ideas on repurposing old content so you don't feel like you have to constantly come up with something new
My go-to list of tools to make posting to social media super simple & easy
How to measure and track your analytics to assess if your marketing is working well 

2. Marketing

3. Business Organization

We'll craft a vision of what your next 6 to 12 months will look like and break that down into tangible easy-t0-take action steps to keep you growing the business you're dreaming of running!
We'll create an ideal work schedule that fits you and your life giving you time to focus on what matters most to you & still hit your goals
Let's get your inbox in order and make sure to keep this organized so you never miss a detail!
We'll update your business collateral and get you set up with email templates to keep your business running efficiently
We'll setup an Excel document so you'll have your numbers easily at the touch of your fingers without any guesswork and help you build towards reliably bringing in income month to month

From inquiry to booking to sending off the final gallery, let's make sure your clients are well taken care of throughout their entire experience with you!
We'll map out your entire client experience from start to finish so you can consistently provide a stellar experience that'll keep them referring you to their friends & bringing you more inquiries
Figuring out client gifting can be SUCH a pain point, we'll work together to see how you can truly go above and beyond for your clients in a way that doesn't break the bank
We'll work to set some schedule & shooting boundaries so you never feel like your business is taking over your life again

4. Client Experience

Been putting off putting your website together? Let's fix that! We'll craft each of the pages you need so that your website will do the heavy lifting in booking your ideal clients
We'll work together to craft a general brand aesthetic that will showcase consistency no matter where your clients find you
Get fresh eyes on your website portfolio & social media accounts to highlight the best of the best so that clients can see themselves in your work!
Let's elevate your experience and showcase your value by creating an investment guide that will wow your clients right off the bat to avoid the dreaded pricing negotations.
We'll talk through your pricing structure & how to strategically raise your prices over time so you can hit your income goals month to month without worrying

5. Website, Pricing, Branding

These mentoring sessions are meant to be incredibly personalized to you and your business needs! If you want to come in with questions that one or two of these topics, by all means feel free to!

If you need some help with multiple topics listed, feel free to let me know and we'll work on that together! In this case, I recommend investing in the 5 hour session so that we have plenty of time to go through each area that you want to see improvement and growth in!

Need Help With Something Else or Multiple Topics?



Manali's mentoring session helped clear up a lot of wedding related questions I had. Wedding photography can be intimidating, but with Manali to back you up and help you with day-of tips and tricks, it's easy! You can tell Manali is a seasoned professional, but she made asking questions comfortable and had answers to fit every skill level. I would highly recommend this session to beginners and experts alike!


"Manali not only shares how she goes about doing things in her business but helps you create a customized plan on how you can tackle things in your own way!"


"Manali not only shares how she goes about doing things in her business but helps you create a customized plan on how you can tackle things in your own way!"

Power Hour Session

1 Hour Coaching Session on 1-2 Topics

Q&A - No Question is Off Limits!

Audits & Feedback on Business Materials (Website, Social, Investment Guide, Etc.)

Your Business Blueprint & Action Steps

1 Month of Continued Email Support & Voxer Support


what's the investment?

get in touch! 

This is exactly what I've been looking for!

most popular!

Standalone Voxer Access Only for Mentoring Alums - $250/month

There are only 2 mentoring spots open each month! Fill out the application below to chat and secure your spot!

3 Months of Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

3 Months of Support

Q&A - No Question is Off Limits!

Audits & Feedback on Business Materials (Website, Social, Investment Guide, Etc.)

Action Items After Each Call

3 Months of Email & Voxer Support


6 Months of Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

6 Months of Support

Q&A - No Question is Off Limits!

Audits & Feedback on Business Materials (Website, Social, Investment Guide, Etc.)

Action Items After Each Call

6 Months of Email & Voxer Support

Lifetime Access to
Behind the Business Course for Photographers



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does each mentoring session include?
One-on-one time, a personal business blueprint with next steps so you can get the clarity & confidence you're craving! 

2. Is there a payment plan?
Yes, be sure to reach out over via email to discuss a payment plan that works for you! All payments can be made via credit card or bank transfer through an online system called HoneyBook.

3. Do you have to have a certain level of experience?
Nope, not at all! Whether you're just learning your camera settings or you feel like a pro, these sessions are open to photographers of all experience levels!
4. I have questions that are related to other topics, would this still be a good fit for me?
If you're wondering if this will be a good fit for you, feel free to shoot me a message through Instagram DMs @manalisontakke. If I think a session would be helpful for you, we'll move forward but if I think someone else would be better equipped to answer your questions, then I'll send you their way!

5. When and where are your in-person mentoring sessions held? 
All mentoring sessions are held virtually over Zoom on Wednesdays & Thursdays between 1-6 PM EST! 

Hi, I'm Manali! I started my photography business right after college after hustling for years trying to find opportunities to second shoot and= hustling to find my very first PAYING client (that wasn't a friend)!

I've been through struggling figuring out settings on the fly, trying to mask my nerves while posing, crunching the numbers, trying to figure out the "right" combination to go full-time with photography - plus, naturally second guessing everything I just mentioned!

I understand how tough it is running your business as a side-hustle while dreaming of making it a sustainable source of income. I know it feels like a guessing game and all the late nights that come with it.

I want to help you go from hustling around the clock to confident in your business and seeing the income from it! Let's take some time to craft an intentional strategy that works well for YOU over a cup of coffee (or two)!

Less time doing #allthethings, more time for what matters most to you in life!

Meet Your 
 #1 Encourager!

I have 1 mentoring session spots open each month! Each session is held virtually over Zoom.
If you have any questions, drop me a line at manalisontakkephotography@gmail.com!

I can't wait to dive into your business and help take you from overwhelmed to systemized with time back to focus on what matters most to you!

let's get you signed up!

Thank you so much for reaching out, 
I'll be in touch within 48 business hours unless i'm off covering a wedding or have run out of coffee!

In the mean time, check out the latest posts on the blog!

Let's Work Together!

Drop me a line here or email me directly at manalisontakkephotography@gmail.com! I can't wait to talk with you! If you don't hear back in 48, please email me directly so I can reach back out. Currently accepting a limited number of 2020 weddings.

Thank you!