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Stone Tower Winery Engagement Session

November 7, 2019



It has been a little while since I did my last engagement session so it was fun to get back out there with Steph and Joe and take their fall pictures at one of my favorite places of all time, Stone Tower Winery! We had the most beautiful fall day out and spent the time sipping on some wine, taking a TON of cute pictures (these two are so much fun together) and I loved getting to know Steph and Joe a little bit better! Stephanie actually found me through one of her friends who works at Stone Tower so it was fun meeting for the first time in person at the very place that brought us together in the first place!


Steph and Joe met at CNU at one of the basketball games that they both attended! Their first date, Joe picked up Steph and they went out for dinner at Bonefish Grill (one of my favorites!). It melts my heart a little that they still have a picture from their first date night out together. One of their favorite memories together was actually from their proposal! Joe planned out a surprise proposal for Steph around when her Nana (who she absolutely adores) would be in town for it. He proposed at Willowcroft Winery overlooking the beautiful mountain views after a tasting! They later celebrated with their family and friends and it was absolutely amazing!


They’re both super excited to celebrate their marriage as well with their closest family and friends up at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in the fall of next year! I absolutely can’t wait until the wedding because these two love to dance (do they sound like the PERFECT fit? because they totally are!) and I know their reception is going to be a night to remember!

StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-001 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-002 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-004 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-006 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-007 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-008 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-009 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-010 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-016 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-012 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-015 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-011 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-017 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-018 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-020 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-021 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-023 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-022 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-024 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-026 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-029 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-028 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-030 StephanieJoe-StoneTowerWineryWedding-ChesapeakeBayBeachClubWedding-031

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