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Shivani’s VT Graduation Portraits!

May 15, 2018

The funny thing about my friendship with Shivani is that it should have happened about ten years before it actually did hahahaha We’ve lived the same neighborhood since elementary school but when you’re in elementary school you’re mostly just friends with the people in your grade because obviously third grade vs fourth grade is ENTIRELY different and of course fourth graders are just in a different point of their lives than third graders, or so it seems to little fourth graders!

So although we went to the same elementary and even middle school, we always knew of each other but never became close. This started to change when we ended up interning together over one summer! It was both of our first times interning and she joined a couple of weeks after I had started. Now these first couple of weeks consisted of me staring down the clock as seconds would tick by. I was convinced that there was no way I could make it in the real world if I was struggling through each day. But all of that changed when Shivani and a couple of more interns were added to our team! We were all seated in the same room and although almost all of us were working on different things, we started to talk to each other and then it went from talking to joking around with each other! And before I knew it we were all super close and I actually ended up staying an extra week to intern because work went from being miserable to something I enjoyed every day because it meant I got to hang out with all of these people!! 😀 And the thing is that Shivani is the one who I really think brought everyone together. She was so undoubtedly herself with all of her quirks (with 2 lunches!), not afraid to speak the truth and her being so comfortable with us all right off the bat and even making sarcastic jokes made us all more comfortable with each other!

Now even three years from then, we all still occasionally hang out and she is without a doubt the glue that has kept this group together! She’s kept her same sense of humor and it’s my favorite thing about her! I’ve seen her go through her own share of tough times since those days but she made it through 4 years at VT and I was SO proud and happy  to be able to take her graduation pictures at Burrus Hall and the Pylons (her favorite spot on campus!) for her! Shivani was involved with Collegiate Women in Business which is AWESOME and I can’t wait to see her become such a role model for other women in business but out in the real world!! Her favorite restaurant at VT is Cabo Fish Taco and I have to say their Bang Bang tacos were SOO good when I had them when I visited 😀 She’ll be trading out her signature jeans & vans for super cute work clothes but I know she’s gonna do HUGE things in the future!!

Shivani, I wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your life, I can’t wait to hear ALL about it whenever we catch up with the other “goats” this summer! And I’m so very sure that you’re going to make another incredible set of friends wherever you go and that you’ll become their “glue” as well!!

VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0001 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0002 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0003 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0004
VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0007 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0005
VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0008 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0006
VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0012 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0010
VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0015 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0014VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0019
VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0030 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0027 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0028 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0029VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0033 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0034 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0035 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0036 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0037 VTGraduationPortraitPhotographer-BlacksburgVA_0038


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