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Life With Manali – A Little Place Called Home

September 18, 2018


This weekend I moved back into my house out in Herndon after living in Ballston, Arlington for a year! I can’t believe a year went by so quickly, I distinctly remember moving into my apartment. Since it was my first one I actually got to pick out my own furniture like my bed, my desk, my chair and rug which was HUGE for me! I get my love for decorating from my mom and am not completely at home until I’ve cozied up the place!

Packing up my little apartment was easy enough (not emotionally of course) but making space in my room back home was a little difficult. Throughout the course of the last two weeks I’ve moved so many heavy boxes, suitcases and furniture back and forth between my apartment and house. After lots of struggling (it wasn’t cute) my room is reflective of me and my style once more, and is a cozy place that I can see myself living and working out of! I have my bed that I bought on my own back in the place which is really nice and I even have a dual desk situation going on (the older desk was entirely too heavy to move out). I wish I had before and after pictures of this room to show you guys! It gives me hope for if I ever decide to become a room fixer upper in the future! I do have a few of my apartment (these were totally test shots before shoots but thats ok!) to compare what my apartment looked like vs. my room.

ApartmentBeforeAfter-001 Don’t mind the goldfish hahahaha ApartmentBeforeAfter-003

Also, if anyone can think of a creative way to add in a coffee station somewhere in my room (see images below), let me know! Ill be waking up at 6:30 to commute to DC for a while which is a whole hour earlier than I’m used to, so I will be needing all the coffee I can get! But here’s what it looks like so far!

 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0075 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0061 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0062 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0063 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0064GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0068 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0065GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0071 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0066 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0070 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0072 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0073 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0074 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0076 GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0077GeorgetownSeniorPortraitSession_0079

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