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My Favorite Charlottesville Coffee Shops

July 28, 2020

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Today’s post looks a little different! I’ve been asked time and time again what my favorite coffee shops in Charlottesville are and whenever I’m asked, I find myself listing AT LEAST five of them so I decided to put them together into a blog post so you can create your own mini coffee adventure to try out each one! I’m always a proponent of exploring an area by its food and coffee so I’m excited to see how these coffee shops take you around the little city I am so lucky to call home!

1. Atlas Coffee Charlottesville

Atlas coffee shop is tucked at the end of Jefferson Park Avenue! It’s the cutest little place and I especially love their homemade syrups (SO so good!!) and their chalkboard wall makes me happy every time I visit!

2. Milli Coffee Roasters

Milli Coffee Roasters is another Charlottesville classic that you HAVE to visit! You can’t go wrong with any coffee (or food!) that you get here. They always have local artists’ work on display around the place and even have their coffee grinder on display which is really cool!

3. Charlottesville Coffee House

Charlottesville Coffee House is one of the biggest coffee shops that I know of around Charlottesville. It’s the perfect place if you want to hunker down and get some serious work done. There’s a TON of tables so you’ll have plenty of space to spread out your work and sip on your latte as you grind through it, no pun intended!

4. Farmbell Kitchen Coffee

Sooo technically Farmbell Kitchen isn’t a coffee shop only. Their food is actually some of my FAVORITE around Charlottesville. I HIGHLY recommend grabbing some freshly made biscuits from their biscuit board, any of their pastries, or going full out with their pancakes, the Avocado Egg Bake or their Fried Chicken and Waffles. Oh yea, their coffee!! They home make their syrups as well and I love getting their cappuccinos!

5. Mudhouse Coffee Roasters on 10th St Charlottesville

Another great place to grab a cup of Mudhouse coffee and sit to work or to catch up with a friend! This place is RIGHT down the street from the Corner located on 10th Street and they have the most charming decor and outdoor seating as well!

6. Higher Grounds

So technically Higher Grounds is inside UVA’s Hospital but they actually have REALLY good coffee and it’s pretty cheap! Be prepared to bring cash for your joe but you seriously can’t go wrong with any drink from here!

7. Shenandoah Joe

Conveniently located on The Corner, this is a student favorite near UVA Grounds! I especially love their Ethiopian coffee and they have a HUGE selection of Single Origin coffee!

8. Para / Grit

This was actually the FIRST ever coffee shop I ever went to in Charlottesville! My junior year of high school I got to visit UVA as a prospective student and stay with my friend on Grounds. Incidentally it was a snow day but she insisted that we trek out through the freezing cold weather to grab a cup of coffee from Para (now renamed to Grit!). It was the BEST cup of coffee I’d ever had and walking through Grounds and seeing it’s beauty and looking at the Corner covered in snow convinced me that UVA was magical and that I wanted to go here for college!
They now have a couple of locations throughout Charlottesville including the one on the Corner, at Stonefield further down 29 and even a newer one that is super cozy over in Crozet, VA!

9. Belle

Belle over in Belmont has SUCH a cute outdoor space! They have a little fireplace, French bistro chairs and a super cool mural inside their actual shop! I got a basic iced coffee and it was so, so good! I can’t wait to go back to try their bagels which according to one of my couples beats Bodo’s Bagels which is QUITE a claim!!

10. Petite Marie Bette

They have a huge selection of iced coffee which is PERFECT for hot Charlottesville summers! It’s a must-stop on the Downtown Mall and pairs perfectly with a Paffle from IRON Paffles or with a crèpe to-go from the Flat. That is IF you can resist Marie Bette’s pastries!
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