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Meghan’s UVA Grad Portrait Session

June 1, 2020

I FINALLY got to get back to shooting a little bit during quarantine for Meghan’s UVA graduation portrait experience!! I am so glad that I got to hang out with her (and her mom!) to snap some pictures to celebrate this beautiful (but definitely different!) season of life! Meghan graduated online like the rest of 2020 but came back to Grounds to move out of her apartment the day before her session. We had originally planned to take her pictures in March but obviously had to push back to when it was a little safer to do so. We also almosttt rescheduled yet again due to the weather but ended up lucking out with the most beautiful day on the Lawn!

Meghan studied and graduated from Batten having studied Public Policy and leadership! One of her favorite involvements around Grounds was being a part of the Resident Staff Program! She was an RA for one year and a Senior Resident for TWO (that’s a pretty big deal around Grounds)! Her favorite restaurant near Grounds is actually one I haven’t heard before, so I will DEFINITELY be checking out Croby’s Urban Viddles which has “updated Southern comfort food, made from scratch.” Seriously, their menu looks INCREDIBLE!! That’s definitely one to add to my Charlottesville bucket list 🙂

Good luck Meghan as you take on your new job working for the federal gov!! I can’t wait to see you bring all of your goodness and your bright smile and light to their space!

MeghanGradPortraits-SneakPeeks-001CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-453 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-452 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-454 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-455 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-456 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-457CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-465 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-458 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-459 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-460 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-461 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-462 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-463 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-464  CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-466 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-467 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-468 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-469 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-470 CharlottesvilleUVAGradPhotographer-CharlottesvilleGraduationPortraits-UVAGraduationPortraits-ManaliPhotography-471

^ We had to take her last few pictures from where she spent the majority of her time on Grounds for her major!


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