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Meadowlark Gardens Fall Engagement Session – Lalaine & Jasheem

September 26, 2019



Lalaine & Jasheem are two super sweet people and I had so much fun at their Meadowlark Gardens engagement session and now I’m so excited and honored to be capturing their wedding in Maryland next year! We met over the summer at Starbucks and I loved getting to hear about how they met and what they have planned for their wedding coming up! They’re going to have an intimate day at the Lodge at Little Seneca Creek, the same place where I captured Christine & Kenneth’s wedding this past summer!

Lalaine & Jasheem met at work and started hanging out after they became close friends. It was no surprise that they started dating after being so close! They had their very first date at the National Harbor out by the water 🙂 They had so much fun together, enjoyed walking along the water (my kind of people!), and even took a ride up in the ferris wheel to see the most beautiful view overlooking DC! What a magical first date! It was their first time alone together, not at work, and not with Lalaine’s little brother tagging along haha! From their very first date, they realized that they absolutely LOVED each others’ personalities. Jasheem loves Lalaine’s kindness towards others (you can see this within 2 minutes of meeting her!), her patience and most importantly her warm smile! Lalaine loves Jasheem’s faithfulness, how he makes everything easy, how he protects her and that he can never say no to an adventure together!

Lalaine and Jasheem LOVE to travel together so it was no surprise that he proposed to her while they were on a trip together! They went up to Canada to see the Niagara Falls and Jasheem chose to propose on a sky wheel overlooking the Niagara Falls, reminiscent of their first date up on the ferris wheel! He says that he was SO nervous that he totally forgot which finger to the put the ring on but it didn’t matter because they were the happiest people in all of the US & Canada as well. And right after he proposed they got to end the night watching the fireworks over the falls making it one of the most magical nights of their lives!

I’m sure that their wedding day will become another one of those in their memories and I absolutely can’t wait! They are most excited to see each other walking down the aisle on the wedding day and I absolutely can’t wait to celebrate alongside them and capture not only that moment, but a TON of fun with their friends and family! Until then, you can get a sneak peek of the cuteness that will unfold from their engagement session photos at Meadowlark Gardens!

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