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Leah’s VCU Graduation Portraits – VCU Campus & James River Canal

May 1, 2018

After months of planning out my girl Leah’s shoot, I finally made it over to Richmond this past weekend to take her senior pictures!! It was so special because I had never shot in Richmond before or even been on VCU campus and I loved getting to photograph at a new place and draw creativity from it!

I’ve known Leah through Adi since high school and it blows my mind that she’s already graduating!!! The thing that I love most about Leah is that when I think back to the Leah from high school she was just as mature, fun, grounded and on the track to doing big things!! And man has this girl thrived at VCU!!! She was the founding president of their NAMI club which represents people affected by mental illness, she’s been on boards and panels that are recognized on a national level and was an Presidential Student Ambassador as well! And among all this she’s managed to make Adi fall even more in love with her throughout their time dating long distance which is amazing to see!! It feels like just a year ago that I took their pictures back in Northern Virginia and they’ve only seemed to get cuter together since. I especially love how comfortable these two are and how they always poke good natured fun at each other, I didn’t even have to tell Leah to laugh out to the side at Adi for half of her pictures because he was says something that was making her belly laugh already! You’ll be able to tell from some of the pictures of the two of them I took towards the end <3

I can’t wait to see what Leah accomplishes at Columbia University’s Masters Program for Social Work!!!! I am so grateful to have been able to take her grad pictures for her to remember her time at VCU! Leah, I know that I’m going to hang out with you four years from now and you’re going to be an even more amazing human being who is changing the world!!

VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography001 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography002 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography003 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography004 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography005 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography006 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography007 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography008 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography009 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography010 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography011 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography012 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography013 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography014 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography015 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography016  BELLY LAUGHS!!VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography019 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography020 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography021 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography022 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography023 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography024

Get ready for some super CUTE photos!!

THAT GLOW!!!! VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography026 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography027
Had to throw in some fun ones as well 🙂VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography035 VCUSeniorGraduationPortraitSession-RichmondCouplesPhotographer-ManaliPhotography037

Thanks Nav for that last one!


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