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July Recap – Personal

August 6, 2019



Whew what a month! July is always a slower month of weddings for me. This always strikes people as odd but the heat does climb up pretty high during July & August and so many people LOVE having their wedding outdoors! I kinda dropped the ball on taking personal pictures this month, so words only for this one. That being said there were plenty of highlights from this month so here we go!

  • I HOSTED MY FIRST EVER PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP!!!!! And safe to say I loved every minute of it!! Already counting down for the next one hahaha
  • Helped photograph a wedding that was partially outdoors on a day where the heat index was 115! I was sweating through everythingggg within the first couple of minutes outside but hey we made it!
  • This is probably a weird one to put on there but if you know me, you know I swear by having my daily planner and it’s probably the most used tool in my business besides MAYBE Google Calendar. I’d say they go hand in hand. However, from switching from a Day Designer to a Simplified Planner (this one, gotta love pineapples!), I was missing a whole month of not really having one. SO I made a makeshift one but I’m so so glad to have the real pages back!!!
  • Spending July 4th grilling outside in the rain was such a fun night!
  • Got to capture a proposal and photograph at Belle Isle on the rocks for the first time ever
  • I had five wedding consultations in one month, whew! Excited to bring on 2020 couples to the fam!!
  • Ok, Ion Television has White Collar marathons on Sundays and got me and my brother RE-hooked! I went through 2 seasons in like 3 days? The obsession is real
  • Speaking of obsessions, if you haven’t ever had Boom Chicka Pop, check it out hahaha it’s like the popcorn equivalent of crack. Also have been weirdly craving ice cream a lot which is strange for me since I’ve never really been INTO ice cream the way people are!
  • Went on a boat cruise at night when it was 90 degrees around Georgetown! Super fun but SUPER hot!
  • Getting to spend time with friends from college and past coworkers! Also getting to see Naveen a decent bit throughout the month was really nice. Being long distance is HARD!
  • Oh, Jontell and I tried out Morais Vineyard which I loved! Next up on my list is Blumont Vineyard!
  • And gonna end it on this one: currently hunting Bold Rock’s newest flavor Harvest Haze!

Struggles from this month in the name of keeping things REAL:

  • There are SO many logistics that go into putting together a workshop with a styled shoot! This was the first one so I knew it wouldn’t be perfect but I do have a really clear idea of a TON of things I want to change up for the next time
  • Been struggling a lot lately with what I want to do next career-wise. And I HATE it because I am that girl that loves having the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year plan both career wise and personally. I’ve been hinting at putting together a YouTube channel and have gotten some positive feedback so that might just be it. But being not only the person that EXECUTES everything in your business, manages everything in your business but also having to be the VISIONARY for it is really tough!! Also you have slower seasons financially with seasonal business which can also be tough along with having the above dilemma
  • I cut the amount of time I spend on Instagram by A LOT. Wasn’t really seeing it as a space of inspiration so despite still posting for business, it was nice to get a brain break! There’s SO much noise, so many different things you COULD be doing, it’s hard to pick out what to focus on and do it well
  • Been trying to hit my goal of working out 4 times a week and man oh man, this is the HARDEST goal I have set for myself this year. This doesn’t seem like a lot but to a girl who has always resorted to dance practices for working out its a bit different
  • Hahaha this is a really FUNNY one but I realized THIS MONTH for the very first time in my life that Chick Fil A is spelled Chick not Chik as I had been spelling it my entireee lifeee!!! Hope that gives you a good laugh hahaha!

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