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Get Hours of Your Day Back With Workflows – BTB Case Study with Ashley

August 31, 2021

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Imagine being able to have hours of your workday back. Imagine feeling confident, organized & streamlined with your energy and focus on what you want!

How would that serve you as the owner of your photography business? Would it free up time to pursue a passion project or maybe finally figure out how to hop on the video trend without feeling like you’re sacrificing your time towards taking care of your clients?

Or how would that feel in your life with the impact it had on your family & friends? With more hours back each day and each week would you have more dedicated time with your family or the freedom to say yes to a Sunday brunch with the girls? Or maybe have the time to plan out that dream trip you’ve been meaning to take your family on for years?

It’s so incredible that this can totally happen for you with the right systems in place in your photography business. Ashley was one of the first members inside the Behind the Business Course and I’m so honored to share her story with you guys here today Q&A style again!

Now onto the interview with Ashley!

How long have you been doing photography & how long have you been in business?

“Been doing photography for 4 years! I officially established my LLC in early 2019.”

What was your reason for joining the Resources Vault?

“I just graduated college and pursuing my business full time. Wanted to make sure I had all the tools under my belt to help me be intentional and strategic with my business.”

What was your favorite resource or lesson?

“Part 5 (and loved seeing your weekly schedule, this was helpful to see how to get organized!)”

If you had to guess, how many hours on average do you think the Vault saved you each week in your biz?

“[It saved me] 2-3 hours a day!”

How would you describe your workflows, systems & resources AFTER seeing/implementing the ones in the Resource Vault?

“I feel like I can breathe a breath of fresh air! I can be so scatterbrained especially when I get in creative mode. Having workflows and systems help me streamline and make sure I am focusing on every important area to run a successful business.

You truly give EVERYTHING one could need. Every resource is so in-depth and if you’re a new photographer this would SAVE so much time- especially with the email templates.

My favorite thing about the Behind the Business Course is that Manali doesn’t hide ANYTHING. She truly gives you everything you could ever need to build the backbone of a successful business. I feel way more confident and organized! I loved the videos explaining Manali’s workflow. The workflows are going to save me hours everyday!”


If you’re wondering what the inside of a successful & streamlined photography business looks like the Behind the Business is for you! It includes everything from email templates, client questionnaires, workflows for portraits & questionnaires, a breakdown of a profitable marketing strategy & how to streamline and organize each and every part of your business. More of a visual learner? Be sure to watch the totally-free masterclass!

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