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February Recap – Personal

February 28, 2019

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This is new so we’ll see how long I can keep it up but here’s a couple of fun moments from February! I’m trying to document my own LIFE a little more this year and from here on out so this is my attempt at not forgetting all the sweet little things that have happened even among really crazy months!

Memorable things from February

  1. INDIA and then coming back home to freezing temperatures and readjusting to my normal routine!
  2. I got to hang out with everyone who has seen me since I first started learning photography. I used to aways tote around my camera whenever we would all hang out and it’s nice to see everyone still staying a part of each others’ lives 7 years later! They’re putting together a dance for Holi this year and I’m so sad I can’t be a part of it, but I definitely will be at all the practices!
  3. Also, BARTACO. And lots of plantains 🙂
  4. Doing this 14 Gifts for Her post was actually super fun! It DID take a little longer than normal blog posts but it was something different that I actually enjoyed
  5. Being able to watch the UVA v. Duke game with Naveen while eating loaded tots (which made the loss SOMEWHAT better) which means that we were able to watch BOTH of the vs. Duke games together which is rare but awesome! I DID get to witness a win with him (almost thought he was bad luck) this past weekend watching UVA v. Louisville at Boylan in Charlottesville! This is my first year REALLY following the team and I love having the time for cheering the Hoos on and yelling my heart out at our TV during the games!
  6. Getting to connect with actual other real life human beings during the weekday who understand what it’s like to work in the wedding industry! It always takes me a lot of energy to go because I’m a total introvert but once I do, I feel so much better!
  7. Haven’t seen my DCBC girls in a really long time and also haven’t laughed so much in a really long time. Trying out yoga just really made me miss dance and bhangra especially so I’m FINALLY trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s been like a year so I was really nervous for it but I’m feeling better about it and excited to be dancing at a couple of weddings coming up! It’s fun to be at weddings where I’m not exactly working for hours on end!
  8. Scheduling ALL the engagement sessions for my couples in March / April and I’m hoping that I can still keep some breathing room on my calendar while also serving them all really well! Also, hoping for no rain because rescheduling is not one of my favorite things to do.
  9. Med School Ball at UVA! I’ve never attended a fancy gala type event (this one was actually semi-formal but still formal feeling) so I dressed up and went with Naveen which was kinda like a post-Valentine’s Day celebration together since we were only really able to FaceTime on the day actual day itself.
  10. Got myself onto the Carter Mountain’s Bold Rock Instagram sooo month made!
  11. I kept my expenses super low this month so I was able to splurge on some beauty products which is new! Since my skin wasn’t doing so hot after coming back from India I figured investing in something to bring back life to it would be a good move. This Drunken Elephant’s product has definitely made its way into something I think will forever be a staple despite the splurge price needed for it just because of HOW much it’s helped my skin.
  12. On a business related note, I was really bummed I couldn’t make it out to Creative at Heart Conference this year but they launched a monthly subscription with a lot of educational content which I have absolutely LOVED implementing into my business this month!




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