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February Personal Recap

February 27, 2020

February Personal Recap 2020

Sticking with the tradition of monthly recaps just to have these to look back on and track growth years down the road! I can already feel a shift in the way that I think about and run my business this year from last. I have a feeling that it’ll always be something in flux and hopefully, I have the wisdom to always make sure it fits in well with my life!

Some fun moments in February:

  • Traveling to Cabo with my family!!
  • Watching the Hoos games & screaming during the UVA v UNC upset!!
  • Competing at ECS and having a really strong performance! And also thoroughly enjoying the Fitzroy Sunday brunch & Moo Thru
  • My second year taking AFS headshots, it’s cool to see life come full circle since I used to work at Accenture & now I still get to take pictures for them once every year!
  • Co-working with Sachi at Lake Anne Coffee House! It can get kinda lonely working from home by myself every day so this was a much-needed change in my weekly routine!
  • Beta mentoring sessions with some wonderful photographers! I can’t wait to see how they grow over the next year 🙂
  • Launching one-on-one mentoring sessions for photographers!! This was the first time I introduced a completely different service in my business & I learned A LOT about launching something new! Definitely such a cool process, so much strategy that goes behind doing it really well & I can’t wait to better improve for the next time
  • I am SO excited to have Sarah on board as my VA!! She’s already been incredibly helpful & I can’t wait to further grow the business with her help 🙂
  • For Valentine’s day, Naveen & I went to LAUNCH which is a trampoline park and I’ve never had so much fun but felt SO OLD at the same time hahaha
  • Jontell’s brand shoot was so creatively refreshing! We got some more lifestyle-esque images & it was fun to get creative during her shoot especially because it was my first time taking these kinds of images! We also got Jeni’s ice cream afterward, 10/10 recommend! It’s super creamy & yummy!
  • Competing at Maryland Mauj as well with the crew! This could be my last competition for the foreseeable future and it was a great last one! It was nice getting to have a whole crowd out there supporting us 🙂
  • My first wedding of the season is this upcoming weekend with Margaret & Brian in Ashburn & I already know it’s going to be an incredibly special & sentimental one. I can’t wait to work with Moriah again to make their day one to remember forever

Honorable mentions:

  • Spending an afternoon in the DMV to get my Real ID, I am CROSSING MY FINGERS that my ID photo is not terrible. I’ve had my other picture since I was sixteen and a half so it was about time for an upgrade
  • Hoping to get my taxes all done this month, always SUCH a fun part of running your own business haha but I’m actually super grateful to have a wonderful accountant that’s incredibly thorough this year. If you’re a creative small business owner, you have to check out Amy Northard
  • I have a feeling that my stomach has some sort of sensitivity and I’m trying to figure out to what exactly so that’s been an interesting process. I’ve also been trying to incorporate eating more salads each week and after starting out strong in January, I didn’t do so hot in February, but hey, each month’s a fresh start
  • Still waiting for a specific move out date to Charlottesville. I can’t wait to have it set since I’m a planner by nature!Here’s some pictures from February, all edited by Prism Presets by Megan Kelsey Photography!


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