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Favorite Charlottesville Restaurants

December 8, 2020

Today I’m bringing you a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time!! As many of you know, I went to undergrad at the University of Virginia and graduated a couple of years ago! I loved my time on Grounds but as someone who didn’t have a car for any part of my college time there, I didn’t feel like I got to experience everything that Charlottesville had to offer – including their incredible food scene! They have about 22.8 restaurants per 10,000 people!!

Since moving back to Charlottesville back in March (yup, right as the pandemic hit!) I made it my mission to explore more of Charlottesville (safely) and to try out some new restaurants as well – I tend to stick to my familiar favorites! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite local places with you guys in no particular order!

  1. Fitzroy Brunch – they have an INCREDIBLE brunch buffet and I get multiple rounds of their chicken and waffles! I’ve taken friends and friends for Fitzroy brunch and it’s always been a hit!
  2. Sal’s Italian – A Downtown Mal gem and my go-to place for Italian food! They have an incredible homemade pink sauce that is my absolute favorite.
  3. Ace’s Biscuits – A little hole in the wall place to get biscuits!! Each biscuit packs a flavorful punch and I can’t wait to go back here to get some this upcoming spring!
  4. Iron Paffles – Waffle sandwiches might SOUND strange but trust me they are so good!! They have both savory & sweet for you to try out!
  5. Michiocana – My go-to place for Mexican food! It’s a little bit of a hole in the wall but that’s what makes it soo great!
  6. Farm Bell Kitchen Brunch – Their brunch is so good plus they have the cutest patio seating! I took my parents here when they came to town in the summer and they loved it!
  7. Lampo Pizza – The best pizza in town by my reckoning!! Their pizza dough / crust is incredible. Be warned though get there early to snag a slice!
  8. Maya – I tried this out with a photographer friend for the first time this year and I am dying to go back. Their crispy fried chicken was sooo good and their appetizers are also amazing.
  9. Bang!They have such a unique menu for tapas style food!
  10. Basil – Another favorite of mine since my college days 🙂 You can’t go wrong with their Greek-style food or their pasta or even their brunch!


Honorable Mentions

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza from Extreme Pizza
  2. Thai Noodle House, Thai Fresh, Monsoon Siam
  3. Crepes from The Flat – another hole in the wall place!
  4. Millie Joe’s Coffee & Atlas Coffee – I have a whole blog post on Cville Coffee places!!
  5. Petite Marie Bette & Belle for all sorts of treats
  6. Bodo’s of course for water-style bagels!
  7. Drinks at Quirk Rooftop & Passiflora
  8. To-go pasta from Luce
  9. Boylan for Boozy Milkshakes! And the Virginian’s Mac n Cheese on the Corner – both are classics!
  10. FIG always has a great m

Places I Have Yet to Try:

  1. Brasserie Saison
  2. Fleurie
  3. Alley Light Drinks

Have a place that should be on my list? Be sure to drop it down below!


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