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June 9, 2020

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Let’s bust the myth that email templates are TERRIBLE because they don’t let you personalize your client experience. I would actually argue the exact opposite! I think setting up email templates is one of the things that helped me grow my business quickly even while working a full-time job!

Have you found yourself spending hours in your inbox, retyping the same information, hitting send only to realize that you forgot a specific detail that they should know?  Like where to meet for their session or what to bring? And of course you remember this RIGHT after that “Undo” button on Gmail goes away? Yea, me too!!

I’ve been there many times before and it’s one of the reasons why I started using email templates! No matter how much I tried, my brain would always miss one or two details that would have been helpful for my clients to know and I realized that using my brain to write these emails from scratch every time was 1. wasting precious time 2. wasting precious brain space and 3. most importantly, not serving my clients in the best capacity!

Having email templates makes sure that:

1. My clients get ALL the information they need EVERY time

2. I spend more time adding a line or two PERSONALIZING it to each client

3. Saves me HOURS from having to re-type everything and re-link up all the correct resources

If you’re starting out, here’s a couple of email templates that I recommend you have in your tool-kit:

  1. Inquiry responses for the different services you offer (I have one for weddings & one for portraits)
  2. Follow up emails
  3. A booked wedding email with ALL the info, timeline & next steps
  4. Session prep emails to get your clients ready
  5. Thank you emails for after their session with when they can expect images / next steps
  6. Gallery delivery including another thank you, how to use their gallery & asking for a testimonial!


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Where to keep these templates?

If you’re using Gmail, they have a nifty little tool called Canned Responses where you can save your email template RIGHT within the box that you use to type out your emails! You can rename the templates & tweak them as you go easily!

If you don’t feel like using Gmail, you could plop them into Trello / Asana or any task management system! Or heck, you could even keep one long Google Drive Document with them in there if Google Drive is your jam.

I personally keep all my email templates within HoneyBook where they’re already attached to a workflow! This way HoneyBook tells me when it’s time to send specific emails based off of the project date for each client. It allows me to pull up the email, personalize it for my clients, tweak it if necessary and hit send saving me HOURS of time and a ton of brainspace!!

HoneyBook is the NUMBER one application that I use in my business to provide a smooth client experience and keep everything super organized on the backend. If you have a growing photography business, I’d definitely recommend checking it out and grabbing 50% off your first year!

So, what should I include in each email template?

If you’re looking to save hours figuring out WHAT to include in your emails with your clients, re-tweaking your inquiry response after getting ghosted by a client once again, and getting stuck in your inbox all day instead of moving the needle forward in your business, check out the Behind the Business Course & Toolkit.

It includes every single email template that I use including all of the ones below:

  • Inquiry Response, Follow Ups, Consultation, to Booked!
  • Inquiry Responses for Portraits, Prepping for Portraits
  • Prepping for the Engagement Session
  • Handling Sticky Situations (Re-edits, Venue Walkthroughs, Not a Good Fit Etc.)
  • Gallery Delivery & Asking for a Testimonial
  • Emailing Vendors Images
  • Putting Together a Styled Shoot
  • Submitting for Publications



If you’re wondering what the inside of a successful & streamlined photography business that focuses heavily on creating an incredible client experience, then the Behind the Business Course & Toolkit is for you!

It includes everything from email templates, client questionnaires, workflows for portraits & questionnaires, a breakdown of a profitable marketing strategy & how to streamline and organize each and every part of your business to grow it quickly through happy clients.

More of a visual learner? Be sure to watch the totally-free masterclass to uplevel your client experience and triple your prices!


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