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Washington D.C. Monument Proposal – Josh & Katelyn

November 20, 2018


On Saturday, November 17th, Josh was wearing his lucky socks. As him and Katelyn were strolling around after brunch, Katelyn could tell something was different about the day! If she had seen the socks, she might have had even more of an inkling of what was about to go down. But Josh had mentioned that he had a real estate convention later that day which had thrown her off the track! They went to brunch and then as they were strolling down the Mall, Josh led Katelyn towards the DC War Memorial. He had scoped out the spot beforehand and there couldn’t be a more perfect place to propose! The monument is classic, stunning and an incredibly special place nestled into a set of trees off the bustle of the National Mall. There were a few people milling around and a squirrel of interest nearby but as they got close to the monument, they were alone. Katelyn looked up at the monument, marveling at it. After all, it is very impressive and it was her first time ever seeing it! Little did she know that it was about to become a very, very special place for her! When she turned around Josh took her hand and knelt down on his knee. He pulled a black square box out of his pocket. He opened it, and staring at her, was the most beautiful ring!! She couldn’t believe this moment was finally happening and before she knew even knew it, of course she said yes!!!!

They hugged and laughed and celebrated and were the happiest couple in all of DC!! From when I took their pictures to the moment they half walked, half danced away to spread the good news and celebrate with their families! Josh had picked the best time of year to propose and so now they are going to be EXTRA thankful for this year!!

It was such a joy and honor to capture their proposal, those of you that have been around for a while know how much I love proposals! I’m so glad we got the most beautiful light for it too despite being in the middle of the day!! It’s like it was meant to be or something 😁 You’ll have to see what I mean below!

DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-01 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-02 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-03 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-05 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-06 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-08 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-09 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-10 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-11 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-12 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-13

How cute are these two?!!

DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-14 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-15 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-17 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-18 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-19 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-20 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-21 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-22DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-16 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-23 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-24 DC-Proposal-Photographer-DC-Engagagement-Photography-Manali-Photography-25

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