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UVA Graduation Portrait Session – Ashlee

November 12, 2019


Any chance to do UVA graduation portraits on the Lawn and at the Rotunda is so much fun! I absolutely love doing these each and every year and generally have a TON scheduled back to back whenever I travel to Charlottesville in the spring around graduation season. But whenever I get the chance to do them for students in the fall is even more special! Nothing beats the perfect fall day on the Lawn!!

Getting to know Ashlee better while taking her graduation portraits (cap, gown and all!) was super fun 🙂 Ashlee is the epitome of a UVA student being a student athlete, focusing on American Studies for her academics and going to Nursing School after graduating!! How incredible is that?! She is one busy lady looking to do big and beautiful things out in the world. She absolutely loves spending time with her softball teammates, hanging out at the Pav (I mean who doesn’t love food with friends right?), and is both a Chipotle & Midici fan!

I loved that she brought such fun outfits to swap out during her session and that we got to pop some bubbly (my favorite part of course!) and confetti as well! I absolutely love her sense of style and you could tell she had put a lot of thought into her session and choosing her outfits that reflected her personality!

Hope you guys enjoy this UVA graduation session, something tells me there’ll be a LOT more of these year-round in the near future 😉

Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-001 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-004 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-005Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-008 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-007 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-009 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-010 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-012 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-013 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-014Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-018 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-016 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-017 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-019Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-020 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-021 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-024 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-025 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-026 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-028 Ashlee-UVAGraduationPortraits-CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-029

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