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Getting Started With Systems For Your Creative Small Business

September 22, 2020


Putting systems in place shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming. All it takes is having a template to start from & not starting from scratch only to end up scratching your head.

The next time you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor that seems to be mocking you as you write an email response to your clients, go to update your website copy or write a blog post for a beautiful shoot you just delivered to bump up your SEO game, make sure you are STARTING from a template!!!

This will save you so much time and sooo many headaches. Take it from me, I consider myself the QUEEN of all things DIY — especially when it comes to business. But this is the one area where I don’t play around and try to reinvent the wheel day in and day out.

That becomes exhausting and is a surefire path to burnout. And trust me when I say that land is NOT pretty!

And the thing is, I totally I get it, I started my photography business being REAL careful with every single $ that came in and where it was going. Was I scared to invest in a website that cost $100/yr? YES. Or the first time I invested in a ticket to an in-person conference? OFC!

But the longer I’ve been in business, the more I’ve realized that although I might have saved money, I didn’t quite save time >>> which ACTUALLY means I actually didn’ttttt quite save money…. yikes.

Let’s do some quick (and easy!!) math to demonstrate…

You could spend:

– 10 hours in your inbox every week communicating with clients

– 10 hours shooting & editing each time because you’re tweaking images! shhhh don’t tell anyone….

– 5 hours going down the rabbit hole of Instagram because you don’t know exactly what you need to accomplish today — and if you don’t believe me, check your screen time for last week….

– 10 hours every week piecing together your workflow from all the Pinterest deep-dives, no good Google searches, never-ending blog posts & freebies

– 5 hours tweaking your website & trying to piece together an investment guide because you’re not quite sure to include

When you add that up: 10 + 10 + 5 + 10 + 5 = 40 HOURS A WEEK

No wonder it feels like you can’t catch a break if you’re doing all of this on TOP of already

> Working a full time job

> Trying to network with other vendors — but I mean like WHO has the time?!

> Juggling a toddler on your hip

> Trying to put together a schedule for your now homeschooled kiddo or online college classes

So say you charge $250 for a ONE hour shoot with clients.

Say it takes you abut 20 hours to do everything from:

1. emailing them & booking them

2. prepping for the shoot

3. traveling to & photographing the shoot

4. ONE late night editing marathon with a Friends rerun to keep you company

5. uploading and delivering the client gallery & hoping for a heart-eye-emoji back!

We’re not even going to TALK about backing up your images, updating your website & blogging the shoot.

QUICK MATHS 250 20 = $12.50

…….. guys that’s justttt over minimum wage in some states and barely over in most

We created our businesses because we wanted FREEDOM & FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES not to become starving artists….

What if you could bring that down to  >>> 10 hours <<<<  for each client because you had SYSTEMS in place to automate things & take the guesswork out of every step along the way???

QUICK MATHS PART II 250 10 = $25.00

Now that’s STARTING to get better!!

For the price of ONE portrait session you could have a complete system in place & never have to second-guess your:

– INCREDIBLE client experience that brings in more dreamy ideal clients!

– Template for creating an investment guide that wows your clients & stops you from being ghosted

– Your workflows or sit there overwhelmed trying to figure out WHEN to get it all done

– Whether you should stay in and work on the biz or go out to wine night with friends!! (yes please & always to the rosé)

Don’t you think it’s time to put trusted systems in place to grow the business of your dreams while saving yourself HOURS of hustle-busy-work every single week?

Would you have some semblance of freeedommm — cue the singing bells! — if you could have ALL of these parts of your business streamlined & systemized and working hard for you?

1. Your website & brand

2. Your marketing & content strategy

3. Your email templates & client questionnaires

4. Your portrait & wedding workflows nailed to a T

5. Your shooting & editing workflow streamlined & not sucking up hours of your time

6. Confidence knowing you are getting EXACTLY what you need done each week

7. A community of photographers to do business with

8. Get personalized feedback from so you never feel stuck or alone ever again!

Ready to have this all implemented in your business in under one month? Well then get excited, because the Resources Vault is getting ready to open up on September 28th for launch week and closing on October 2nd at 11:59 PM EST.

If you haven’t already be sure to hop onto the email list to snag a launch week discount that you won’t find anywhere else! By signing up you’ll get access to watch the totally-free masterclass on-demand to kickstart figuring out the tangible ways you can start putting systems in place in your biz!

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