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Stephanie & Joe’s Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding

November 17, 2020

Stephanie & Joe’s day at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club was one to remember for years to come. They had waited so long and faced so many obstacles this year to make their wedding day happen! I was truly blessed to be by their families & guests sides to watch them tie the knot on the bayside! We met through Stephanie’s friend Casey who’s the wine tasting manager at Stone Tower Winery, where they had their engagement session and I am SO thankful that we did!! I have truly lucked out this year with all of my couples, each one of them felt like we were friends rather than working together and each treated me as a bridesmaid or family on one of the most important days of their lives.

From meeting with Stephanie for the first time, it felt like we clicked, and reading their questionnaire after they booked, I knew that I was truly very lucky to be their wedding photographer. These two love each other so so much. From their first date at Bonefish Grill in Newport where they went to college together to Disney to knowing they were in love when they danced together to “Why Don’t We Just Dance” in front of his family to getting engaged at Willowcroft Winery, I can’t wait to see where their married life takes them and for all the sweet memories they’ll make.

Stephanie & Joe, you guys had the most incredible wedding day and I couldn’t have imagined a day more fitting for the two of you! They are best friends, they are each others’ rocks, and they are REAL with each other and everyone in their lives and the best aunt and uncle their cute nieces could have. They had a combination of an indoor and outdoor wedding day, celebrating their first dance and parent dances in the Tavern on the Bayside while hosting their dinners indoors in the Great Ballroom.

If their wedding day is any indication, it’ll be a beautiful adventure together with lots of laughing, dancing and celebrating with their family and friends. Watching their two families come together was such a joy! Wishing you both the very best in newlywed life!!

Wedding Day Vendors 

Venue: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Hair & Makeup: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Spa

Florist: Michael Designs Florist

DJ: Jason Wallace – District Remix

CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0018 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0019 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0021 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0022 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0040  CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0049 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0050  CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0053 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0058 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0059 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0060 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0061 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0062 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0063 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0064 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0065 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0066 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0067 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0068 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0069 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0070 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0071 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0072 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0073 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0074 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0075 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0076 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0077 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0078 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0079 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0080 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0081 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotography-ManaliPhotography-_0082   If you enjoyed this post, binge through these as well:

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