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3 Ways to Save Hours In Your Business Each Week

June 16, 2020

Are you a photographer hustling behind the scenes spending HOURS each week in your inbox, editing or spinning your wheels trying to grow your business? Do you wish that you could save HOURS on the backend of your business each week? Imagine if you had TWENTY extra hours every week to move the needle forward in your business or maybe just to take some time off to yourself! If this is something that you’re dreaming of, then today’s blog post is for you! I’m diving into THREE things that you can utilize in your business to save hours every week to systemize your business and get back to serving your clients and pouring your 100% into them!

1. Use Email Templates Use email templates to minimize the amount of time you spend in your inbox (and not actually working on those other BIG tasks that are going to move the needle forward)! We covered this in-depth last week so if you haven’t read that post, hop on over now and give it a skim over to see if there are any email templates that you need to start including in your workflows!

Looking for more ways to save time in your business each week? Hop into the 7 day challenge for all my best time-saving tips & tricks!

2. Use Questionnaires to Get Info From Your Clients!

I feel like client questionnaires are highly underrated!! I used to be scared to send my clients questionnaires feeling like I was “bothering” them until I realized sending them ONE questionnaire could avoid a TON of back and forth emails to get the information I needed to serve them as best as I possibly could. Also, questionnaires are a GREAT way to personalize their experience! I always ask my clients about what they love about each other, what they would spend their date night doing and just getting to know them a little bit more in-depth before we meet for their engagement session! This gives us things to talk about and I get to know them as well as they probably know me from following along on Instagram!

Grab my Booked Wedding Questionnaire for Ideas on What to Include!

Also, the wedding day questionnaire helps me get ALL the wedding day details I need to confirm their timeline, get points of contact & info, the names of their bridal party & their list of family formals and vendors to get in touch with as well! I will print out their questionnaire and bring it with me to save SO much time and never miss a detail on their wedding day. I send all my questionnaires easily through HoneyBook, make sure to grab 50% off your first year if you haven’t tried it out yet!

3. Workflows

Ok, this one I could talk about for HOURS!! I used to fall under the camp of people that swore that they’d run through their workflow so many times before that they didn’t need to write it out! Until I got super busy and little things that I normally remembered to started to slip through the cracks. Now, I make sure to attach my workflow (which easily allows me to send emails with the click of ONE button!!) for every single client that I serve in Honeybook so I never forget a step! I also use Trello for the backend to make sure I never miss a little step that’s not client-facing like sending galleries to vendors after a wedding or letting my second shooter know they’re free to use their images after I’ve delivered a gallery!

I have spent YEARS tweaking my workflows to get them just right to make sure I don’t miss a step and that I’m organically baking in marketing my business with every single client shoot & wedding that I photograph! If you would like to get your hands on my workflow, feel free to check out the Resource Vault for ALL my resources or grab the Workflow & Systems Bundle in the shop from inquiry to gallery delivery for weddings & portraits!

If you’d like to learn more about how I save hours in my business each week, hop on the email list to get business & productivity tips delivered straight to your inbox!


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