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Richmond State Capitol Engagement Session

November 28, 2019



I absolutely love when I’m able to photograph friends and have friends turn into clients and clients turn into friends! I think it’s one of the coolest parts of my job! I’ve known Kayla since being in the same engineering sorority at UVA! Their wedding will be next fall up in Philly and I can’t wait for it! I know the fall colors are going to be absolutely beautiful (I keep saying them on Kayla’s Instagram stories of her walks!) and it’ll be my first time capturing a brunch wedding, which I’m all about!! Your girl loves a good brunch 🙂 They’re both most excited to see their dogs walk down the aisle which is going to be so, so cute! I can’t wait to capture it!

Kayla & Connor met on UVA’s Marching Band so it’s only fitting that this blog post comes out during the UVA vs VT Thanksgiving football game! They went out to Little John’s on the Corner for their first date (so UVA!) and afterwards Connor didn’t walk her home so he went to her place to apologize for it! That ended up turning into hours and hours of walking around Grounds and talking. One of their favorite memories together is from being in the Macy’s Day Parade during Thanksgiving which is such a unique experience to share together. I’ve never been myself but I’ve always wanted to go! They both love a cozy date night with pizza at home and watching a movie in with Nick’s pizza. They have Glacier National Park up next on their bucket list and are huge fans of hiking, and it was only fitting that Conor popped the question after a hike up Old Rag Mountain here in Virginia!

I loved being able to travel down to the state capitol to photograph their engagement session! I’ve only been to Richmond two other times for photography and photographing at the monument was BEAUTIFUL!! These two made my job so easy and so fun and I can’t wait to share some of my favorites from their session! Enjoy the ones down below, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week 🙂

RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-001RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-003 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-002 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-004 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-006RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-011 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-010 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-012

This totally reminded me of UVA’s Ginkgo tree!

RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-014RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-027 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-016RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-028 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-017 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-018 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-019 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-022RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-024 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-023 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-025

Love Kayla’s dress!!

RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-031RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-029 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-032 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-033 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-035 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-036RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-039 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-037 RichmondCapitolEngagementSession-CharlottesilleWeddingPhotography-040

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