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Friday Fun – Snoozing, essentials & PSLs

August 31, 2018



So I haven’t done one of these in a long time which is a shame because I know in a year I’ll want to look back and remember this phase of my life! This week was a good one despite being pretty tired from last week and the weekend! Last week I crammed in a weeks worth of business work into three evenings while preparing for the wedding and speaking with some potential 2019 brides!! I also somehow managed to hang out with friends on both Thursday and Friday evening because of hustling so hard at the beginning of the week!

Thursday was a fun happy hour at CIRCA and then Tonic catching up with old internship friends and I love that we have remained close after three years! The CIRCA mushroom Flatbread you HAVE to try if you’re ever there and Tonic has really chill vibes as well! Friday I went to Jazz in the Gardens and walked around literally all of it trying to find a friend hahaha but that was good because I ran into Shahana and Marc who are some of my favorite past clients ever!!! It was their first time at jazz and I’m sure they loved it! After jazz we met up with more friends for dinner at Bar Bao in Clarendon! Highly recommend if you want a new twist on Asian inspired food and like bao buns (it was my first time having them). I also learned that fried avocado is actually an amazing concept! After Jill & Nelson’s wedding on Saturday I got to hang out at night with Sohum who was home for one day before going back to Charlottesville! Sunday was spent editing entirely too many favorites from the wedding!!

This week has been a TON of editing after work and starting to pack up to move out but there’s been a couple of fun noteworthy moments/things from this week:

  • This one is my favorite. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a morning person, by ANY means. I sleep through multiple alarms, am a serial snooze hitter, and can’t carry out a coherent conversation before I get in a good cup of coffee. But Naveen has gotten into a bit of a morning ritual of calling me and waking me up each morning. It’s super cute and I am so grateful that he puts up with my nonsense just woken up conversations and is by far the best way to wake up in the morning 🙂
  • I got started reading a book called “Essentialism” which is funny because I live with probably the biggest essentialist on the planet, my brother. Each month I try to channel that even more and am hoping that my paring down over the past couple of months (I try to ruthlessly get rid of anything I don’t need by tossing it out/donating it each month) will make my move out of my apartment a little easier!
  • I’m stopping Blue Apron which is SO sad but it has taught me that 1. I CAN actually cook! 2. Meal prepping and making 3-4 meals at one time may make me seem like a crazy cooking lady but is a super great efficiency hack! 3. Food is fuel, food is life
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and it’s not even September!! I swear they come back earlier and earlier each year. I really shouldn’t be complaining because I do love them. Fall is hopefully right around the corner now and I’m excited to be able to break out the fall clothes once again! I can practically live in comfy sweaters and leggings 🙂

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