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My Favorite Charlottesville Vineyards & Wineries

April 7, 2020

My Favorite Charlottesville Vineyards & Wineries

As spring rolls around and the weather warms up, I’m dreaming of getting back out to the beautiful Charlottesville vineyards! This is something that I’m really looking forward to post-quarantine and I think it’d be a GREAT way to celebrate being able to get back out and about whenever we are able to safely do so! There’s something so beautiful about spending a day, completely at ease enjoying the mountain views, sipping on Virginia wine and pairing cheese and crackers with your friends and your family! I love that you can spend time, soak in the sun, and be still and laugh and forget about the hustle of everyday life and just truly enjoy the space your in with the people you have around you.

1. Keswick Vineyards, Charlottesville Winery – Crozet, VA

Not as highly known but definitely SO very beautiful! I love how the space has open expansive vineyard & mountain views but also how the house provides a cozy space around their beautiful pool!


2. Veritas Vineyard &  Winery – Afton, VA

Some of the BEST mountain views and beautiful sunsets! Also, I’ve tasted a ton of their wines and you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

3. King Family Vineyards – Crozet, VA

I LOVE this place! They are home to the famous Crosé which is one of my all-time favorite rosé’s of all time. This place is the place to be for those beautiful sunny days and it’s right at the foot a little mountain so it provides beautiful views

KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-095 KingFamilyVineyardPhotos-092 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-016 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-009 CharlottesvilleWeddingPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardPhotographer-KingFamilyVineyardWedding-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotography-KingFamilyVineyardWeddingPhotographer-016

4. Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards – North Garden, VA

This was one of the first vineyards I went to and honestly, I couldn’t have chosen a better one! Pippin has the most beautiful sunset views, incredible wine and food, a firepit to roast s’mores on Sundays (plus puppies!), their own garden from which they pull fresh veggies from for their food, a beautiful veranda and reception space for weddings!

If you want a fun throwback to see what my photos looked like FOUR years ago in this cherished blog post vs. TWO years ago in 2018!! Miss these ladies so much <3

5. Castle Hill Cider – Keswick, VA

Ok, I know this one is NOT a winery but I went out to Castle Hill Cidery last fall and fell in love with their place! It’s absolutely STUNNING both inside and outside with some bouts of hydrangeas around the property. As a huge fan of cider as well as wine, theirs is SO crisp! Definitely on par with my true love, Bold Rock! I can’t wait to make it out to their fall cider festival this year!

CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-041 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-038 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-036 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-030 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-032 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-025 CastleHillCiderWedding-CastleHillCiderWeddingVenue-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotography-CastleHillCiderWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-023

A couple other honorable mentions!

  1. Blenheim Vineyard – I just recently tried this place out! I love that they have elevated mountain views!
  2. Jefferson Vineyards – This was also one of the first vineyards that I went to and where I fell in love with Viognier 🙂
  3. Glass House – A super unique vineyard that is actually a greenhouse & vineyard combined! They also have a beautiful house that’s COVERED in parts of wine glasses & bottle caps.
  4. Carter Mountain – For Prince Michel Wine, Bold Rock cider and of course, the famous apple cider doughnuts!

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