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Making Reels More Fun!

September 14, 2021

Welp we all know how fast things move in the online space…

So today I thought it’d be fun to bring you some systems tips to make Reels easier, efficient and more fun – RAPID FIRE STYLE!!

  1. Save content ideas somewhere – this can be your phone’s notes app, in Asana (my preference!). Or even on a good ol’ fashioned sticky note!
  2. Trending music helps bump your reel to more peeps!
  3. Shoot / film first & edit later!! ** Always save your video to your phone so you don’t lose it!
  4. Place your text towards the “middle” of the screen so it shows up even if people are scrolling through the normal “non-reels” feed
  5. BATCH RECORD YOUR REELS!!!!! This is the biggest time-saving tip – I usually will pull out 3-4 tops and record multiple reels in EACH top on ONE afternoon so I’m set with content for multiple weeks at a time!
  6. You can “SAVE” other peoples’ reels as Inspiration on Instagram so you never run out of ideas!
  7. “Done is better than perfect” is my motto – I try not to let perfection suck the FUN out of making reels!
  8. Keep your reels content related to your main/ideal audience! I’ve noticed the algorithm loves when you do this!
  9. Be unabashedly authentically you!! TikTok and Reels have blown up because people are craving authenticity & realness online these days! Don’t be afraid to break out of the mold and what’s super “on brand” for you!
  10. Share your Reels to your stories!!! You can even share old reels to your stories each week to increase the engagement on them & repurpose your content (aka save alllllll the time!)

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @manalisontakke if you create a new Reel or reshare an old one so I can comment & share it as well!

And hit reply and let me know if you have one tip that’s helped you up your video game!


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