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Kennedy Center Rooftop South Asian Bridal Collaboration

August 15, 2019


The best model for a line of luxury dresses? THE DESIGNER HERSELF!! It was so much fun getting Hani to model in the dresses she designed at the Kennedy Center Rooftop! She’s as gorgeous as she is talented 💕 We’ve been friends through mutual friends for a year or two now and I was amazed to see another Indian girl running her own business and out there making a name for herself! Hani designs custom bridal styles with the input of her clients so that each piece that she makes truly FITS her client and is something that they not only love but are also comfortable in. Their dress is truly a reflection of them!

I love that her styles show range and maturity. She recently designed 12 different pieces for her Decades project that spans style from 1900 to 2019! Each of them reflects the decade after which they’re named for. You can watch her video here to check out each piece as it was styled at the National Harbor last year! I’m so excited for our ongoing collaboration to photograph some of those pieces being styled in a whole different way! I love getting to work on just creative projects outside of client work to keep my creative energy up and to collaborate with other female business owners since they kind of just GET it! Check out Hani’s website here, her blog here and her Instagram page here to stay up to date with new pieces, other collaborations and just everything that she’s up to as an amazing human! Anyways, before this gets too long I’ll let you guys get to the fun part!

Hani I’m so glad to see you out there killin’ the game running your creative business, I can’t wait to see where it takes you in the future!

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