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Jill & Nelson’s Spanish Steps & Kennedy Center D.C. Engagement Session

July 15, 2018


I met Jill almost five years ago when I first tried out for UVA ‘s Bhangra team and got to know her from joining at the same time! We had nine hours of practice as a team, went to competitions on the weekends and hung out with each other even in the free time that we had, at parties or grabbing late night cook out after practices. It feels like almost a whole lifetime away now which is something we reminisced about during her engagement session!

A couple of months ago, Jill met Nelson at the Lincoln Memorial to take some photos and she had absolutely no idea what was coming. Nelson had been planning the proposal for WEEKS after not being able to propose on Valentine’s Day like he had originally wanted to! I had seen so many pictures of the two of them together that I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised! They seemed so cute and in love, I figured it was only a matter of time! This made even more sense when Jill told me that they’d actually known each other for over 10 years, meeting so many years ago on their high school cross country team. They would catch up with each other throughout the years but this time they had gotten the timing right for sure!!

You guys can laugh at this but at some point after I found out they were engaged I wondered who would be photographing their wedding! And so let me be completely honest, I was in NO WAYS chill when I got an email from Jill in my inbox asking if I was available to photograph her wedding in August!!! They’re getting married at the Oatland Plantations where they used to have practices and meets together in high school! I got to meet Nelson shortly after Jill emailed me and was able to see in person why these two were so good for each other. They balance each other really well and that’s coming from someone who has only seem them together on two occasions! You’ll be able to see it from these photos but they are so in love and they made my job easy capturing their engagement photos around the Spanish Steps and on the Kennedy Center Rooftop at sunset!! They were such naturals in front of the camera and had so much fun during it 🙂 I know their wedding day is going to be even more fun for these two and I can’t wait!!! T MINUS JUST OVER 1 MONTH YOU GUYS!

SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-005SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-016SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-010SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-015 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-018 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-019 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-020 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-021Jill&NelsonCover-002SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-023 Jill&NelsonCover-003SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-028 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-025SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-017 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-026 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-027 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-030 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-029 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-031 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-032 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-034 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-033 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-035 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-036 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-037 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-038 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-039 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-040 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-041SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-046 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-042 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-043 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-044 SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-045  ANDDD walking off into the sunset!!SpanishStepsKennedyCenterEngagementPhotographerWeddingPhotographer-ManaliPhotography-047

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