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How You Can CRUSH Your Goals by Understanding Cognitive Science

November 16, 2021

If you’re reading this when it first goes live (or ANY year when it’s around the end of Q3 rolling into Q4), you might be thinking “Wait! We still have a couple of months until it’s really the goal-setting time of the year!” I feel you, friends!

I used to be one of the FIRST to jump on goal-setting for the next year and recently I’ve transitioned to more of a person who is *excited* about the possibilities in the new year, but also committed to finishing out the current year on a strong note!

One of the things that I do check in with as we roll into fall every year is what mindset shifts I’ve made during the current year so far and what I’m working on shifting to start of the upcoming year strong. It takes about 21 days for any habit to kick in and it takes TIME to reprogram really big beliefs about yourself in your brain! That’s why I do love still getting a head start on the mindset aspect of my goals before the new year begins!

Sometimes “mindset work” gets a rap as being really fluffy & woo-woo. And honestly, I used to be parked squarely in that camp! And maybe I just got a raised eyebrow from you when you read the word “mindset.” To be honest, I wasn’t a HUGE believer in it until I really HAD to be. 2020 did a number on me — although on paper I was doing “just fine” (especially compared to some fellow biz owners)…

My mental health hit took a hit and I found myself reevaluating not just how I was running my business but also my mindset around my work, my worth and how I viewed money and success as well.

So I caved. I started diving in deep in the mindset work to really understand my core beliefs around myself, my business, my capability of success and so much more. I started journaling daily, doing visualizations, really defining on paper what true success FOR ME looked like, and saying affirmations out loud.

The affirmations are something I still am working to get truly behind — repeating phrases out-loud-to-thin-air and myself in the mirror felt REAL weird at first. Still feels a little weird today! Which is a sign that I really need to do it.

So sure, the industry can call mindset work “woo” & awkward but if it actually HELPS, makes all the mental difference which then >> impacts your BOTTOM LINE as a business owner — I’m calling an audible on that industry standard.

Mindset work is KEY to succeeding as a small business owner. Hustle culture only takes us so far & burns us out. Sustainable success starts in your mind first..

And then seeps out in the way you confidently carry out your marketing strategy, client communication, business systems & tactics.

But it took a LONG time to get to the place of:

  1. Building up my self-belief
  2. Stepping into my confidence
  3. Finding clarity for the direction of my business
  4. Trusting myself & my decisions completely
  5. No longer looking outside of myself for answers
  6. Acting out of faith over my fear

Over the years, I’ve looked to another course or mentor for all the answers, acted out of fear over faith, made taking action on big dreams MUCH larger in my head & wasted so much mental energy on “what-if’s.” And finally, bit by bit, it clicked.

Against all odds, I started to mentally feel stronger, calmer, more self-assured no matter how the world continued to throw all-the-craziness at us. As a cherry on top, I fumbled around to pull a system together to rinse and repeat the process. And I want the same for you, friend!

You’re invited inside the Mindset Mini-Series!

This series is kicking off next Monday because I don’t want you to live another moment scratching your head wondering if you really have what it takes to do this creative entrepreneur thing.

I’m spilling my entire mindset routine that you can swipe & make your own to uplevel your mindset daily, weekly or monthly — whenever you have the time and know you NEED to shift things around in your brain to get to your next best level!


It’s time you realize you do NOT need to let the fear the self-doubt and confusion call all the shots in your business!

And it’s WAY time you let go of the imposter syndrome so you can build a business and life you LOVE living out each day.

And figuring that all out on your own? I get it — it can be REAL hard!

But that’s what I’m here for: These 3 days in the mini-series are going to BLOW your mind. It is WILD how much of your business is affected by your subconscious brain that you’re not even aware of 90% of the time and yet drives 90% of your actions & ultimate success!!

SO, get ready to get your hair in the messiest of buns, break out your notebook and Pilot G-2 pens to take ALL the notes from these next 3 emails hitting your inbox next Monday!


Stop trying to wish your way to success … your days of wondering why business feels so hard are ALMOST entirely behind you 🙂


If you’re looking to elevate your mindset to take your business to the next level, check out the Elevate Mastermind! This high-touch 6-month group coaching program & mastermind will equip and empower you to take on the next level of your business with encouragement, support & tactical resources! Applications will be selected at the end of the month!

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