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How to Routinely Elevate Your Mindset to Help You Succeed & Scale as an Entrepreneur

October 5, 2021

Have you ever been dubbed the friend that is “Most Likely to Overthink Everything?” And this isn’t just in ~real~ life… If they say what goes on in your brain when your thinking “business” — they’d run away faster than every basic girl trying to get the first PSL of the season!

Welcome to the club. Ha! Today, whether you’ve been rocking your LLC for a year or two OR you’ve just barely tipped your toes into entrepreneurship, I want to give you 3 tips to make sure you don’t get another “Overthinker” plate award!

‘Cause in fact, if you’re dreaming of growing your photography business and taking it to the next level — whether that’s scaling your income, photographing those luxury weddings or assembling your dream team of photographers to take your weekends back…

I want you to be confident in how you’re running your business — from the inside out!

And no amount of binge-watching another course, trying another marketing strategy or downloading-yet-another-freebie is going to bring you that Queen-Bey-level confidence! To get to queen-B status, you need to make sure your mindset and your subconscious brain is onboard & propelling you to the level of success you’re dreaming of!

If you nail your mindset, you can start crossing off those BIG DREAMS in your Powersheets — income goals, working with clients that feel like BFF’s, and finally get a whiff of that elusive *work/life balance*

One of the biggest ways that I tackle routinely elevating my mindset is through journaling. This isn’t the spill your heart out or documenting everything that happened to you over the last day so much as it is processing my thoughts out on paper instead of letting them mull, jumble and distort in my mind. There’s something about seeing your thought process out on paper that helps bring it to light — and show you whether it’s fair and accurate or if fear is distorting how you’re thinking about something.

If you’re looking for specific prompts that can well, prompt, this type of journaling rather than staring at a blank page wondering where the heck to even start with this, CLICK HERE TO GRAB MY PROMPTS!


To give you a little taste, here’s a few of the daily prompts:

  1. What is one thing I can do today (business or personal) to become the type of person that is living out my dream life?
  2. What type of person do I want to show up as today? Who do I want to be? What would make my future self proud?
  3. What beliefs would help empower me to show up as my best self today?
  4. How can I fill up and pour into my cup today so I can better serve others?
  5. What will I be proud to get done today?

There are SO many more that can help you get in better touch with your vision and goals to regularly uplevel your mindset to best serve you in both business & life!


Bottom line? Trying to achieve any goal without having your entire brain on board and a community surrounding you can be like trying to push a boulder uphill — and we wonder why business feels so hard sometimes!

It’s probably because somewhere in your subconscious, there’s a part of you that’s not completely onboard.

A part of your brain that is lovingly trying to keep you safe — but is in fact, being a total nuisance and keeping you from your *dream*! That’s why you NEED an inner circle & a coach to lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and on to new heights!

Get your game face on, ‘cause these prompts will help you:

  1. Get clear on what your limiting beliefs are and where they are coming from
  2. Help you reframe your mindset to set you up for routine success
  3. How you can quickly scale your business without adding more to your already-full-plate
  4. Give you the confidence & clarity you need to tackle your next big business project

Nothing beats finally overcoming the self-doubt, imposter syndrome and fear of failure — but more on that coming your way next week on the blog!! Until then, tell me what is ONE question you’ll ask yourself daily to get your mindset on the right track before diving into work?


If you’re wondering what the inside of a successful & streamlined photography business looks like the Behind the Business Course is for you! It includes everything from email templates, client questionnaires, workflows for portraits & questionnaires, a breakdown of a profitable marketing strategy & how to streamline and organize each and every part of your business. More of a visual learner? Be sure to watch the totally-free masterclass!

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