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How to Organically Market Your Photo Business With Every Shoot

September 15, 2020


I’m writing this in September of 2020 we’re still living out during the pandemic and although photographers are starting to get back into the swing of things with fall shoots, the sheer volume of weddings and portrait shoots has definitely decreased overall for this year.

It has me thinking back to when I first started photography and was getting the ball rolling with shoots and weddings and would find myself STRETCHING my content from each and every single precious shoot to show up consistently on social media & show the world what I was capable of BEFORE I had a ton of clients!

Showing up consistently has truly been one of the strongest components of my business growth and today I wanted to break down a couple of ways you can organically market your business with every shoot that you do and practically how to stretch out your content if you’re not able to shoot as much this year with the pandemic!

Here are 3 ways to organically market your business with each shoot but be sure to sign up for the freebie that includes 17 different ways to go about doing this!

TIP 1: Post about prepping for a shoot & behind the scenes while at the shoot!

This is a big one that I see people miss ALL the time! If you’re stretched for content, this is a great one to incorporate! Chances are you already show up to your shoot a little early, so use that time to get a little behind the scenes of location scouting and what the shoot looks like to the REAL eye before you make magic with your camera!

Bonus Tip: Taking pictures of couples? Be sure to get solo pics of each of them and have the guy or girl get some behind the scenes pictures of you photographing their other half!

My Marketing Calendar & Workflow

TIP 2: Post 10-15 pictures to a Facebook album and tag your clients in the pictures!

This ensures that the pictures pop up in your clients’ feeds, makes it really easy for them to share some of the BEST images from the shoot & allows their friends and families to see the images easily without them having to do any work on their end!

Bonus Tip: Have these point to a blog post with even MORE beautiful images and boom you’ll have a ton of traffic to your website from each shoot!

Photography Website Tips

TIP 3: Share some sneak peeks to Instagram stories the night of or the day after their shoot & tag your clients!

This capitalizes on the excitement that they have form the shoot within the first 48 critical hours! Again, this makes it SUPER easy for them to share to their own stories and gets it in front of their entire audience as well! Plus if you post some of the BTS from the shoot people loveee to see the process and THEN the end result!

It establishes so so much trust for your future clients when they can see how you turned a location that looks ‘meh’ to the naked eye into BEAUTIFUL images! It feels like magic and showing them that you send them sneak peeks within 48 hours helps establish you as a pro and NOT the type of artist where it takes weeks and weeks and weeks for them to get you the final piece!

You can even geotag the location, any venues, or add any relevant hashtags to get your stories viewed by other potential, local clients!!

Bonus Tip: With weddings, do a little upfront work to find the Instagram handles of all of the vendors involved and be sure to tag them in the stories as well! Vendors LOVE having their hard work credited and love to show off their couples just as much as you do on social!

These are just 3 ways to organically market your photography business with every shoot, establish yourself as an expert and stretch out your content strategically over social media! If you want 14 other ways you can do this, be sure to grab your freebie! Share about it on Instagram stories, tag me @manalisontakke and let me know which strategy you’re going to use for your next shoot!

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