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Going from Overwhelmed to Efficient In Your Photography Business

September 29, 2020


Ever heard that quote — “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.” Which is totally and absolutely true. But I mean Beyoncé has a TEAM behind her, she’s been doin’ her thang for YEARS and she knows what works! She’s able to pour her energy, heart and soul into her music.

So how do we get to that point as photographers if we’re just starting out and don’t quite have the same amount of funds or a #dreamteam like Queen Bey?

There is literally ONE thing that affects us all no matter what path we choose for ourselves, how we define success or what next beautiful dream we’re tacking in business or life.

And that my friend, is TIME. Time is our most valuable asset and as a growing photographer you know that Bob Goff hits the nail on the head when he says “the fight for our hearts is fought on the pages of our calendar.” We. feel. seen.

Although we can’t magically wave a wand and turn the clock back an hour each day for squeezing in justttt another hour of work, we CAN set ourselves up with time-saving systems that take the guesswork & do the heavy lifting for us behind the scenes when we’re tied to our MacBook.

This is a TOTALLY new type of blog post that I’m SO excited about since we’re kicking off Resources Vault Launch Week over here at MP Headquarters!

One of the BIGGEST benefits of the Resources Vault is that no matter what the Vaulters are dreaming up as the next big move for their business or life, they are able to get HOURS of their life back every. single. week. after implementing the resources in the Resources Vault and by putting systems in place that fit their unique businesses.

Today I’m letting Dilshad’s story take the spotlight and talk through how she went from feeling like an overwhelmed mess (don’t we all at some point?!) to being “SO much more efficient and with the time to put good systems in place!”

What are some of your favorite resources included in the Vault?

“The email templates, wedding day checklist, and portrait /workflow checklist! I love how the wedding workflow broke everything down!”

How many hours have you saved weekly with the Vault?

“Oh wow, at least 5-10 hours!”

How would you describe your systems before the Resources Vault came into your life?

“I was an overwhelmed mess! I knew I needed to have all of these systems in place, but it’s tough to know where to start, who to listen to, and which pieces of my google search to piece together.”

How would you describe your systems after hopping into the Vault?

“SO much more efficient! I feel like now I have the time to put good systems in place, so when I do book more clients, I have templates, guides and more ready to go!”

What would you tell a friend?

“10/10 for sure. I would say that this will help them organize their business in every facet!”

Any other thoughts on the Resources Vault?

“The Vault has helped me bring some much needed organization into my business that has saved me SO much time! Manali thought of everything and more. There was information in here that I hadn’t even thought of but was so happy was included! I love how organized the layout is – whenever I start feeling overwhelmed, I can just reference a specific section and I have checklists, workflows, and so much more to help me! I feel so much more confident having solid systems in place, and I know I’ll be able to serve my clients so much better now!”

Ready to have this all implemented in your business in under one month? Well then get excited, because the Resources Vault is just for you!

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