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Friday Fun Is Back!!

December 14, 2018


I feel like I say Friday Fun is back!! all the time but really, it’s here again and it’s here to stay! This week has looked a lot like getting used to working full time for myself at home! So here’s the good, here’s the bad, here’s the funny, here’s a behind the scenes look of “what I do all by myself at home every day!”

  • I definitely thought I’d consume A LOT more coffee than I normally did at work when switching to work at home. We have a Nespresso machine (was my dad’s birthday/Christmas gift last year) and I fully restocked our set of 100 capsules. Yes, 100, we are fans of coffee around here if you couldn’t tell hahaha but for some reason, I haven’t needed as much of a kick of caffeine as I usually do! This could have something to do with the fact that….
  • I only work 8 hours a day now!!! I try to keep myself to normal 9 to 5 work hours. And even when I want to work on things after that time,  I have to mentally remind myself that it’s OK to take time to myself after work and not feel pressured to work 24/7 anymore. This has been the BIGGEST change to make! But my favorite thing so far has been the slow mornings, sans hectic commute, and not feeling rushed the second I wake up
  • That being said, I still get overwhelmed with the amount of work to do! There’s A LOT going on over here as I catch up on a lot of really big projects that I finally get to make moves on 🙂
  • I started a new blog series that’s all about how I went from getting interested in photography to officially making it my dream full time job! You can read part one over here!
  • Another unexpected perk of working from home has been the ability to help bail my best friend’s little brother out of a pickle hahaha He jump started his car in the morning, drove to Costco to return something for his parents and after being denied the request to return the item since he wasn’t the card holder, he went back to his car. And turned it over. And tried to turn it over again to no avail. So he called his mom, then called his sister who called me hahaha. So for the 15 minutes while I was driving over the Costco, he was waving people away from the spot in front of his car to try and save it. And he was doing pretty well until a couple of minutes before I arrived hahaha but luckily enough, the lady next to his car pulled out right before I found him. So we jumped his car, for the second time that day haha! It was fun to get out of the house but also, I never realized how crammed Costco could be in the middle of a Monday afternoon!! I swear that place is always busy!
  • It’s been nice getting to catch up with people AFTER work hours!! One of my old roommates is going to be making the trek out to work in NYC which has been HER DREAM for as long as we were in the apartment!
  • Speaking of NYC, I’ll be there soaking in the holidays next week and I’m so excited for all the holiday cheer!! If anyone has must see’s/do’s for the holiday time in NYC let me know!

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