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Flats & cozy rainy days!

July 27, 2018


After two weeks of having something for every single day after work, traveling, shooting two sessions, going to a conference and then topping it off with a super rainy but beautiful wedding day, I’m glad to have a bit of a break week! which means more of working ON my business instead of IN it. This means doing more of the business related tasks such as managing finances, creating timeliness and gathering logistics for weddings, upgrading my pricing guides to demonstrate value, blogging more educational topics for brides and networking with vendors in the industry! Well that’s a piece of it, this list could probably go on forever! I have two pages of notes from The Gathering event which is the conference mentioned above!

This week also means a bit of a breather and time to hang out with people that I love!

  • Every week that I get to see dance friends on Tuesdays is a good week and a good day for me! all of these ladies are incredibly dedicated to dance while also being a part of so many other organizations and having so many other talents outside of it. with the workload I have currently it’s not feasible for me to dance competitively this fall but I’m hoping to get back into it during the spring
  • I got to see Naveen a lot this week since he’s leaving for med school this upcoming Monday! I can’t believe it, his summer flew by with being in India and traveling! We’re going down to Charlottesville tomorrow with some friends for fun but he’ll be there for good soon!!
  • I’m not going to lie, after living in the city for a couple of months now I kind of miss the small town feel of Charlottesville, it’s always good to have a weekend there to recharge away from the bustle of the city
  • I’m trying my hardest this week not to get completely sick, I started out with a scratchy throat, sniffles and coughing and have been loading up on as much sleep and tea as I can manage!
  • I finally caved and ordered the Tory Burch flats after having been eyeing them for over half a year!! Thank goodness I finally found them super on sale!!
  • Real life, I thought I lost my keys on Tuesday night and was panicking for a couple of minutes before I found them in a pocket I don’t usually keep them in my purse, don’t lose your keys people it’s scary!!
  • I am sooo done with the rain!!! It rained for a whole week and as someone who likes gloomy days when I can cozy on up inside with a big blanket, I don’t love being caught in the rain and I got caught in the rain A LOT!!
  • However, I will say it was amazing to see how Hope’s pictures from the Saturday wedding turned out despite it raining for 100% of the wedding day and no I am not exaggerating when I say 100%, and I’m not talking a light drizzle, I mean RAINING and flash flooding the whole day!! Her couple was so ready to just run with it and I hope I can be half as calm as they were if it’s like that for my wedding day!
  • I almost forgot to put mention the biggest ORDEAL. I changed my password on my computer Monday morning at work and then wasn’t able to log back in. So much so that they had to get a manager on the line that could confirm my identity. Then having the help desk manually reset my password twice STILL didn’t seem to work so I had to travel back to the base office where of course it worked immediately being connected to the main network! And just when I thought I was good, I got back to my apartment and no matter what I did my computer wouldn’t connect to the wifi and I trekked back out to a coffee shop where FINALLY I was able to get it to work and had to finish my tasks for the day in 3 hours instead of 8!! Man was that a bit stressful!
  • Also, if anyone has any quick cold remedies, please send them my way!!

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