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Danielle & Connor King Family Vineyards Portrait Session

November 10, 2020

Getting to work with couples that have hired me in the past is one of the greatest honors and my favorite parts of my job! They come back as FRIENDS and are so comfortable in front of the camera since I’ve walked them through the posing basics before and they’ve SEEN the end results of their images and trust me to do the same the next time around!

Danielle and Connor were supposed to have their Womans Club of Portsmouth wedding in Virginia Beach this past April. I was so looking forward to driving down & spending the day celebrating the start of their marriage! Their wedding day was going to be shades of dusty blue & silver (a wedding color palette after my own heart) and on the water! I also knew some of their bridal party members and from their engagement session, Danielle and Connor really felt like they could have been people I was friends with in college. Of course with the pandemic, they were forced to move their wedding day to next year in order to have as big a celebration as they had initially been dreaming of.

They ended up being married in their home with a small close circle of family & friends back in the spring instead. I was so honored that they reached out to take some fall portraits before we get to meet again next year for their postponed wedding. I was even MORE honored that they drove to me in Charlottesville to take their pictures at King Family Vineyards! It was so. much. fun getting to hang out with them again & take pictures and give them a taste of one of my favorite local spots! Thank you for letting me capture this season of life for you guys!! I can’t wait until next year to celebrate with you guys for the wedding reception that you deserve!

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