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Daily Mindset Practices for Creative Entrepreneurs

October 26, 2021

Let’s get your mindset set for success before we head dive right into 2022 with our freshly sharpened pencils & grand ol’ plans to make it our very “best year in business yet!”

Today’s blog post is all about my DAILY Mindset Routine!

And no, it doesn’t require getting up at 5 AM and spending 2 hours Zen-ing out in a dark closet with lit sage — I don’t even OWN sage! (P.S. If that’s your thing, no judgment here, by all means, go for it!)

My routine takes me anywhere between 10-30 minutes each morning and honestly if I’m on the go (which let’s be honest, is half of the time!) I’ll cut it short and get in the *crucial* components and leave the rest!

As you may have heard me mention on the blog before, incremental progress rather than perfection is the name of the game! Breaking up with the All or Nothing Mindset has made my mindset routine (so meta, I know!) that much easier & more flexible!

SO let’s get to it, shall we! Here are 4 things I do daily to uplevel my mindset as an entrepreneur!

1️⃣ Journaling – I am a highly visual processor & so for me journaling is the holy grail!

Need some help on what to journal through? This isn’t like your 5th-grade-diary, I’m talking creating space to really PROCESS your thoughts. Writing, especially journaling out NEW beliefs, can be the #1 way to communicate these to your subconscious brain!

If putting pen-to-paper is not yo thing, you can always:

⌨️ Type it out instead

🎧 Voice record notes

💭 Even take 5 minutes to just clear your headspace & THINK — without any distractions.

Kinda like the opposite of meditating? Allowing IN your thoughts & the space to process them – although, I will say getting them OUT of your head usually brings the lies & limiting beliefs to light more

Grab the JOURNALING PROMPTS HERE if you need a lil’ lift to get started!

2️⃣ Affirmations – ok, bear with me, these are my LEAST favorite, too!

But think about which voice your brain hears (and listens to) the most? YOUR OWN. You want to make sure you’re feeding it ~the good stuff~ Looking at yourself and repeating positive words is HARD and feels uncomfortable but that’s exactly why I do it.

Quick tip? Make sure your affirmations actually FEEL good.

Repeating “I’m making $10K a month!” when that’s not your currently reality (maybe it’s like $2k!) is going to cause cognitive dissonance which is “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

A.k.a not helpful!! Here’s how to fix it >>> instead of “I’m making $10K a month” you adjust it to “I’m on my way to making $10K a month” — a much easier statement to swallow, repeat, and believe!

3️⃣ Visualizing

If you’re a photographer, chance are your brain is ahem, *highly* visual and this would be the most effective method for you! There are some pretty cool studies out there on the power of visualization, something that initially started out in sports! My favorite visualizations to use are the ones that Jen Diaz provides in her Master Your Mindset E-Book and the ones in Lynnsey Robinson’s Shop. I also heard Headspace has some pretty great calming meditations

4️⃣ Take Action 

Nothing is going to happen unless we MAKE IT HAPPEN! Can I get a “heck yea?!” HECK YEA!

This is the SIMPLEST part and sometimes, the hardest, if we don’t prep our brain beforehand! If you’re tackling something a little scary on your to-do list, do the first 3 steps first to set yourself up for success! Visualize running through it with ease & confidence, affirm that you are going to do an *incredible* job and give it your all (and keep making IMPERFECT progress, not get stuck on perfection) and journal through how your BEST self would tackle this to-do!

In short, my previous success coach calls it her JAVA Framework — and as a coffee-guzzling-cappuccino-lover myself, that’s a framework and acronym I can get behind!

** Leveling up your mindset starts with taking 5-10 intentional minutes to focus on it daily. **

Reply and let me know which ONE do you plan on adding in to your daily routine?


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