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Avoiding Comparison & Gain Confidence in Business by Defining What You Want

June 1, 2021

Are you ready to gain confidence in your business, but find yourself stuck often and spending time comparing yourself against other talented creative entrepreneurs?

Today on the blog I’m talking through a couple of ways to get unstuck and to keep moving forward with clarity and confidence. This was something that was VITAL to growing quickly to go full time with my own photography business just 11 months after I started my LLC.


Being able to avoid comparison starts in your heart and in your mind.

It’s easy to get started in your business and be months or even years into it before you begin to question why you’re doing it all. Set aside time to deep dive into understanding your vision for your business and why you want to do what you do.

When you are crystal clear on what YOU want and what you would LOVE to accomplish within your business, avoiding comparison becomes a lot easier! You’re able to cheer on fellow entrepreneurs but know that you are taking action towards your own unique dreams!

Knowing your why is your overarching compass that holds your YESES and NO’S on a day-to-day basis and helps guide what you set your focus on each year and each quarter.


Everyone can use the same set of equipment and even edit similarly to you, but you know what’s really going to set you apart from the sea of other creative entrepreneurs?

YOU and your unique strengths! These are things that you’re probably well known for even outside of your work! These qualities that are your innate strengths will definitely seep into your work and provide that little bit of magic that’s hard to mimic from someone else!

Are you super organized (hey, that’s me!), or are you an incredible listener or someone that everyone goes to for advice? What are you known for and how do these traits influence your work? You might think it’s nothing special but these traits are what you can hone in on and build your business around!

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When we start to compare ourselves against others, sometimes we start to have these negative feelings start to bubble up. Are we doing enough? Are we doing the right things? Is there space for us to do OUR thing in an industry with so many other people doing the same thing?

I have been in your shoes and I know exactly what it’s like to get into the spiral of questioning what we’re doing based on checking out what everyone else is up to on Instagram.

This is a great time to take a step away from your phone and go back to facts. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come! And then if you’re really in a rut, I’d challenge you to go back to the DATA within your business. What is working WELL for you already?

Rather than letting yourself make an emotional decision based on what you’re seeing out in the industry, that can lead to a lot of disappointment down the road. Instead, take time to review, research, and reflect on any big decision in your business to make sure it’s right based on facts.

Need help with this? Invest in a business coach that can help you stay true to your dreams and goals and avoid getting stuck with comparison!

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