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Adopting the “Less is More” Mindset In Business

September 8, 2020

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Imagine knowing exactly what you need to tackle on any given day and when you can call it quits for the day when you’ve accomplished “enough” and not forever just chasing more and more and more.

Let’s get clarity around running your business and what it takes to ACTUALLY move the needle forward every week.

Let’s get out of constantly running in the hustle cycle of what’s urgent to carve out time to work on what’s important.

Those big dreams and maybe even projects that are going to grow your business into what you are envisioning!

I’m keeping this little lesson short & sweet so that you can figure out which strategy YOU want to run with and get to implementing it within your business TODAY.

Here are a couple of ways to adopt the “less is more” principle in your very own creative small business.

1. Limit yourself to 1-2 marketing channels that you focus your energy on!

If you’re running thing behind the scenes as a one-woman ship, chances are you’re running on really limited time and a forever growing Trello checklist of tasks to cross off. Imagine instead of trying to be a boss lady on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Emails, Tik Tok, Youtube — seriously guys the list goes on — you focused your energy on the platforms that are actually converting for you! Sounds like a fresh breath of air?

Well, I’m giving you PERMISSION to hop off the hustle train and to be bold & brave enough to just focus on. what. works. Once you figure that out, you’re able to hand that off to someone who can take the reins so you can focus on growing your biz!

Not sure where to start? Check your analytics on where your BOOKED clients are coming from! People tend to find you on Instagram? Great, focus your energy there! Find that they’re coming from past clients? Well, let’s spend some time elevating your client experience even more and staying top of mind with them through thoughtful touches!

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2. Create more than you consume

Okay, I consider myself one HUNDRED percent guilty of going nose-deep into ALL the educational Instagram posts, blog posts, free-webinars and challenges there are out there! I admit – I LOVE business education!!

But, I’ve come to realize that sometimes I use it as a crutch. Ouch, I know, not a fun realization to have. I tend to dive into the education, take all the notes but then don’t exactly make my way through IMPLEMENTING all the advice & knowledge that I learn. Sound like you?

What would it look like to REALLY dive deep with a small handful of business mentors? To really get to know the in’s and out’s of ONE business mentors strategies, ask for their advice and then actually go out and take action on it?

Trust me when I say, it’s POWERFUL when you shift to consuming less, creating more and really implementing the knowledge that you have inside of you.

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3. Take some time to simplify

We often find ourselves constantly chasing the ‘next best thing’ or completing yet another client project and moving onto the next without taking much time throughout the year to reflect and evaluate.

Taking some time out to stop, look at things from a more zoomed out perspective and reflect may seem frivolous but I promise it is SO helpful in running your business intentionally and growing towards where you actually want to go rather than what you see as “successful” for others!

Carve out some time every month or every quarter to evaluate your work, your brand and your processes to figure out if there are any pain points that need to be fixed or anything that you can simplify or do better.

Also, take this time to tidy things up. I’m talking digital files, your office space, even mental clutter. Clear the cobwebs, simplify your social media & email inbox and get back to your goals and track your progress.

Was there anything that you wanted to do that you need to carve out time for in the next couple of months? You can see the Quarterly Planning blog post for more details on this one!

Checking in on your goals in increments rather than lamenting that you haven’t hit them in November is the best way to stay on track or even take the time to intentionally shift your focus throughout the year.

I promise you’ll have a better sense of purpose behind the tasks every day and an overarching feeling of KNOWING that the exact kind of success that you’re going after and not just forever reaching for more, more more.

If you want to dive into these strategies a little bit deeper, be sure to watch the totally-free masterclass! Be sure to share that you’re tuning in over on Instagram Stories and tag me @manalisontakke for the chance to win a free 60 minute one-on-one mentoring session!

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